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ClickandFlirt Review: Unless You Like Fake Profiles, Watch Out!

I’ve been sharing a lot of thoughts with readers lately. Recently I’ve covered some scumbag sites e.g. BackpageCredits.com, shady classified ads sites e.g. Vivastreet.co.uk, and more. Now I’m circling back to share what I know about a site called ClickandFlirt.com. Let’s face it, everyone loves to flirt. It makes us feel good, gets the juices flowing, and often leads to some other exciting things.

So, if you’re a flirter like me, you might be tempted to join the site ClickandFlirt.com, a site geared towards the casual dater – supposedly…

What is a casual dater? Well, a casual dater is someone who is looking to have some dates, some fun, some sex, and all of this is done with the expectation of anything totally serious. Casual dating keeps things light and without restrictions, which many people are looking for, at least the people reading my blog.

Now, ClickandFlirt.com markets itself as being created to give those casual daters a chance to meet, hook up, and maybe even find their soulmates. Does it deliver? Keep reading to find out if I think it’s worth your time and money.

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ClickandFlirt = Lots of Problems

Honestly, folks, ClickandFlirt.com has so many problems, it isn’t worth your time. While this site is a member of the Together-family of dating sites, it is more like the black sheep of the family than the shining star. Here is the list of why I think Click and Flirt is a site you should avoid.

A small number of users (IMHO).

Many dating sites will allow women to join and send messages for free while the men will be charged. Sites do this to encourage women to join and stay active because traditionally, men are the ones joining sites like this. Don’t get me wrong, women join casual dating sites, but not in the droves that men join.

Click and Flirt follows this same principle. However, even with the bonus for women to be able to send messages for free, the women still aren’t joining. Now, when you log on to the site you’re going to see loads and loads of female profiles, but I assure you, these aren’t legit.

Don’t know what I mean? Let me fill you in.

Use of fake profiles.

I’m not talking about profiles with white lies, I’m talking about literally fake AF profiles. If you join any dating site like ClickandFlirt and you notice that there are oodles of female profiles of either regular looking women who seem to be in multiple cities, or the women are smoking hot, chances are it’s a site full of fakes.

Sites that just don’t have the membership base they claim to have will often create fake profiles to make the site look busy and fun. Chances are this is baked in the terms.

Also, it’s common for casual dating sites to steal photos from the internet and either a computer or site employee will create a profile that makes that person seem real. Not only is this deceitful, but it is also wrong. You will never meet these people and no matter how much you two connect, it just isn’t possible.

My biggest recommendation for joining any dating site, Click and Flirt included, check out their terms of service to see if they employ the practice of fake profiles, sometimes called “Love Stars,” “Love Cupids,” or some other cute sounding name that is anything but cute.

Spam, spam, and more spam.

Because of the large number of fake profiles on ClickandFlirt.com, your inbox is just going to be hit hard with spam messages. These fake profiles, run by a bot or site employee, do nothing. Actually, they do something, they send out messages to every new man on the site, trying to get them to stay as a member or buy a paid membership.

The messages will be kind of sexy, kind of flirty, and other times they’ll be flat-out pornographic.

Anything to make a buck, right?

Well, I think it’s not only misleading, but it’s also super annoying. If you want a site where you’re going to get legit messages, you’re not going to want anything to do with ClickandFlirt.com.

Not very easy to use.

I join all the dating sites I review so I can get an accurate depiction of what the normal dating site member is going to go through. When I joined, I was rather annoyed.

First, this is not a very attractive site. In fact, it’s rather plain. I feel like it looks like a webpage full of mugshots or lineup pictures that you get to choose from.

It is literally just picture after picture with a general idea of where they are located and a flirtatious message you can send out to get things rolling. Nothing on here screams “barrels of fun.”

Another thing that I didn’t like about ClickandFlirt.com was that it confused the hell out of me! At the top of the page, there is a place where you can click “Get Extra.” When I gave it a try, it prompted me to put in my credit card info but never really told me what the extra thing was that I was getting.

When I tried to upgrade my membership, once again it took me to the same page as the ‘Get Extra’ page and truthfully, I never discovered what it officially costs because I wasn’t comfortable putting my credit card number in.

Here is what I gathered, take it with a grain of salt:

  • Premium dater membership-$26.49 a month with auto-renewal
  • Extra security-An additional $0.45 a day
  • Chataholic pack-An additional $0.64 a day
  • Premium dater-An additional $0.95 a day and includes the extra security and chataholic bonuses as well as promoting your page to five times the people

Seriously, if a dating site isn’t going to tell you what you get, do you really want to put in your financial information? I know I wouldn’t.

Final Thoughts on ClickandFlirt

We join dating sites to actually date. Your definition of what a date is is your business, but for all of us, we want to meet a person face-to-face. Unfortunately, with this site, I just don’t believe that will ever happen.

Between the fake profiles, boring webpage design, and confusing pricing, you’re probably going to join Click and Flirt and spend all of ten minutes on it before you decide that it isn’t worth your time or money. Trust me, if you want to flirt and meet, you have much better options out there in the casual dating site world.

If I were you, I would avoid ClickandFlirt.com and find my flirting friends elsewhere.

But why you ask?

No problem, just kick the tires around on this page and you’ll find one or two dating sites worth joining. Start with the #1 app listed and take it from there. You can thank me later.

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