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Adult Hookup

I’ve been in this “hookup” game for years man – YEARS! If you’re planning on spending your time on useless escort sites and shady pimp directories versus a legit dating site, then you’ve got what’s coming to you.

However, if you’re looking to do things the right way, then I just might be able to help you out. See, I recently came across a site called Adult Hookup, and trust me there’s a way to hook up on this network. I’ll share what I know about this gem right here now…

Adult Hookup homepage

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Adult Hookup Review: A Solid Choice For Legit Hookups

Are you looking for a hookup? Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve gotten busy, or maybe you’re someone who likes to add new dating sites to your repertoire. Whatever your deal, there is a site out there that I recommend you check out.

Adulthookup.com is an adult dating site looking to connect casual daters with whatever it is they want. If you’re looking for a straight relationship, gay, multiples aka swingers, whatever, you can find it on Adult Hookup. And, it’s easy, and isn’t that what we all want from a dating site?

If you’re considering joining, give this review a quick read, I’ll fill you in on all the important stuff so you can decide if this is the right site for you.

Joining Adulthookup.com

Have you tried joining other adult hook up & dating sites and the process was so long and drawn out that you ended up more frustrated than when you started? Some of the dating sites out there ask you so many questions you’d think you were signing your soul or first-born over.

Aduthookup.com does ask you a few questions, but they are very basic. Essentially you need to put in your gender, what gender you’re looking for, what type of person you’d like (college girl, cougar, etc.), the body type you like (thin, curvy, more to love, doesn’t matter), and an email address and user name. Seriously, within a minute I was a member of Adult Hookup.

Joining this network is completely free. They do require that you enter a credit card number to verify that you’re who you say you are, just an FYI if that bothers you. Now, make sure you read their sign in page carefully before you enter that number.

Adulthookup.com does not charge you to be a member. What they will do is allow you one day of a free upgrade to see the features that they offer and after that 24 hours, they will charge you monthly if you do not cancel. As long as you remember to cancel within that first day, it won’t cost you the $29.95 monthly charge.

However, joining for free and actually getting to do stuff as a free member are totally different things. Free members get basically free access, which includes free searches and looking at profiles and that’s it. If you want the good stuff, you’re going to have to pay.

But, isn’t that the way it always is in life?

Paid Features Of The Site

Since you don’t get much as a free member, you probably want to know what you get as a paid member. Adulthookup.com only offers pay structure and that’s a $29.95 membership fee. As a paid member you get full access to the site and everything it has to offer, which includes:

  • Webcam chatting-Sort of like sexy Skyping, if you will.
  • Nude photos-Because, isn’t that what this is pretty much all about?
  • Virtual gifts-Kind of corny, but a fun way to keep people engaged and hey, you’re not putting out any real money.
  • IM chatting-If you like social media-esque communication, you’ve got it on Adulthookup.com.
  • Friend list-That way you can keep tabs on the people you’ve connected with and find out what they’re up to if you haven’t talked in a while.

And that is really just the tip of the iceberg with this. With over 60 million members worldwide, you can find matches that are local that meet your requirements

Searching on Adulthookup.com includes

  • Man
  • Woman
  • Gay
  • Couple
  • Age range
  • Sexual preferences
  • Distance from you
  • City they live in

Oh, and guess what? Adulthookup.com offers its members a 100-day guarantee. If you are a paid member and you don’t get a hookup within the first 100 days and you meet other requirements (like you actually have had to try to get a hookup, not just sit on the computer mouth breathing at nudes), you’ll receive a free 3-month VIP membership. You really have nothing to lose by joining Adulthookup.com if you ask me.

Some FAQ’s

Does Adulthookup.com have real women? I’m not looking to be catfished.

I can only tell you about my experience and the other reviews I’ve read on Adulthookup.com. From what I’ve experienced, the women I talked to were, in fact, women (trust me, I know all about getting catfished and kittenfishing). We had met up and had some dates and trust me, they were all woman. I do assume that there are going to be some fake profiles on Adulthookup.com just like every other dating site out there, it’s just too hard to completely patrol that.

Am I going to pay the monthly fee and then get dicked on paying for extras?

Nope. There are no hidden fees on Adulthookup.com. When you pay the $29.95 a month, which gives you VIP access to everything, there are no extras or secret fees.

Do I need to make a profile? I hate doing that.

Would you contact someone that had no profile up but some basic information? Ok, you’re a guy, so you probably would. Imagine if you were a woman, would contact a complete stranger who couldn’t take the time to fill out even a small amount about themselves? Doesn’t it seem like they either don’t care or they may be a fake?

Listen, I know it takes time to create these profiles, but I promise you, if you take a few minutes to put down some interesting things about yourself, you’re going to have better success.

Can I post dirty pictures? Or is it censored?

The site isn’t censored and yes, you can post completely nude pictures. Your profile will have those listed as private and only the people you want to see them will have access to them, which is a great way to keep things safe and private. So, go ahead and prop that thing up beside a beer can or remote control and have a blast!

I’m kidding, don’t do that. Women do not want to see your junk slapped up against various household objects. Trust me.

A final verdict on best apps to find sexters

I’ve been on some really great dating sites and some really bad ones. If you’re looking to join an adult dating site, Adulthookup.com is one of the good guys. If you want to give it a try, you can poke around for free and once you’ve decided if it’s for you, their monthly flat fee is pretty affordable.

I would recommend Adulthookup.com if you’re looking for an adult hookup of any type. Now, if you’re looking for a free dating hookup network, then I’ve got you covered too.

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