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Zoosk Review: Find Out If This Mainstream Dating App Is Worth The Money

Zoosk is a dating site and an app that was pretty cutting edge in design and the way it approaches online dating, but the results are short of garbage. Hey, that’s my personal experience using the site. Far as I’m concerned, it is no better than any other date site. It’s a Tinder type of thing where single pictures come up of women but on this dating app you indicate either no, maybe or yes if you would like to meet her. You have to wait until those girls say yes to you before you can talk to them. Read my full review to find out more.

Zoosk scam

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A Summary of Failed Attempts at Zoosk.com

There are apps out there that are much more effective and there are even free hookup sites that are not scams that are much more effective than this crappy site. Zoosk.com claims to have 35 million users signed up which seems to be the standard number for scam sites to use to pull you in. They might be a little bit closer to that number than other websites but they are still nowhere near having that many real users.

If it wasn’t bad enough that Zoosk has a bunch of fake profiles and hidden charges; they also make it very hard to delete your account. When you disable your account, it just pops right back up. I’m pretty sure they use your profile to fool other people into thinking it’s legit.

I’m sure that, somewhere in the middle of all this mess there a few real girls. Some of them might even be willing to date you. Notice how I said date, not bang. The question is: are you willing to pay the hidden charges and waste all the time it takes to find those girls?

You shouldn’t have to search through a bunch of fake profiles to find a sex date. All dating sites have a few “bad apple” users here and there but the scales are really tipped in the negative direction for Zoosk.

Messaging Process

None of the girls that I liked on Zoosk ever even wrote me back. I was even going to try to settle for girls that were not that attractive just so I could see if there was anyone real in the network.

Even the ones I tried settling for were either dead ends or they would send me strange messages that seemed automated. This app may make you feel like a loser for striking out, but it’s not you.

The same thing happens to most people who try Zoosk. Just read some of the negative user reviews and you’ll see I’m not the only one who had no luck here.


The closest I came to a phone conversation on Zoosk was a text exchange. This girl sent me a message saying she wanted to text me some sexy pictures.

She sent 3 and one of them looked like a different girl. I asked her to send a picture of a certain pose to prove that she was real and she sent me something completely different.

Hidden Costs

There are a few ways that they fool you into spending money to use Zoosk. You have to unlock some matches by purchasing coins and they have multiple ways to get you to purchase more and more coins to get results.

If it’s not Zoosk charging you for coins or access to additional members, it’s other users who are trying to scam you and get your personal information. Tactics like these are popular these days so they can snag people who are tired of paying the standard monthly membership fee. You will end up spending just as much here, believe me.

First Meeting

Needless to say, there was no first meeting to speak of after trying Zoosk for over a month. Apps like this are not set up to get you laid.

They are set up to get you to pay money for something that never really works out. If anyone has success hooking up with this app, believe me it’s a fluke.

How To Delete Zoosk Account

If you’re looking to delete a Zoosk login, well, I have some bad news for you. Deleting your Zoosk login is not a simple task.

In fact, it takes quite a bit of time and effort to delete your entire profile. When joining the site, you’re agreeing to have your profile exploited on the site and it’s nothing short of a pain in the ass trying to get it.


Zoosk gives the illusion that it is a modern dating revolution, but it’s really just a copy of other, more effective dating apps. Much like any other scam dating service, they create fake profiles and string you along to get you to pay more money.

On top of that, many of the real users are scammers themselves with their own tactics to get your money. It’s just not worth it. Try it for free and you’ll see these tactics that I mentioned here.

Are there other dating services that you recommend to use since the one above sucks so bad?

I thought you’d never ask. You bet there are and I’m going to share them with you. All you need to do is click the banner below and it’ll take you to a page that lists all the top recommended sites to join. What you need to understand is that not all dating sites are equal. The site that I recommend actually works!  Thanks for reading this Zoosk review, and sorry it wasn’t a better one.

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