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XXXCupid.com Reviews: Sex Personals Actually That Help You Hookup!

I’ve been known to test out a number of hookup apps. Soon as I came across XXXCupid, I knew that I needed to try it out. I’m going to hold nothing back here and share everything that I know about this dating site and app. Find out if it truly works or if it’s a waste of effort. The answer may surprise you quite a bit.

Online dating has become so popular that many people are turning to date sites to meet other singles rather than going out to bars or getting introduced by friends or family. Many sites are giving singles a platform for casual dating as well. XXXCupid.com is a site that encourages users to hook up and have sex without worrying about the other person wanting more. The name of the site makes the intentions of both parties obvious so there is no confusion.

Many sites I have tried of this kind have been known to work ineffectively. However, the company behind this site knows what they are doing, because all their sites work! Very few dating sites concentrate on helping their users hook up rather than just take their money.

This site realizes that, if you are going to pay for a site, it needs to be worth your money. Check out my full review below. I share my personal experience with you, which prompted me to recommend it. Don’t join just yet, though, because I have an even better site for you to try which is owned by the same company!

xxxcupid dating review

Better Than XXXCupid

XXXCupid.com And My Review After Paying For A Membership

The site is beautiful and the simplicity leaves room for a sleek look and fun to use. The first thing I noticed was a lot of hot girls in my area, but a few that were not so hot too. That shows authenticity. Not all single girls in your area are going to be models, but many sites try to lure you in with a bunch of professional-looking model pictures. There were still some really hot girls on XXXCupid.com, but there were a few mixed in there that showed me that the site was legit because they were just regular girls.

I did notice that some of the profiles were fake and so were some of the messages that were sent to me, but they are easy to spot. Luckily, the real girls on the site far outnumber the fake ones. A site of this size often has a few spam profiles that slip through the system, but they are pretty easy to ignore. Don’t let it turn you off because this site can be a valuable tool in getting you laid.

My Experience

If you knew me, you would know why I am extremely proud to say that I hooked up with two girls in my first month using XXXCupid.com. I have tried other sites and felt lucky to get just one hookup, but I had two hookups here and the possibility of even more. There were at least two other hot girls I could have hooked up with, but I decided to spend most of my time talking and hooking up with the other two.

The first girl got very flirty right away. We had a lot of the same interests and she thought I was funny. We were sending sexy and provocative messages well into the night and it made our encounter that much hotter when we finally got together a week later.

The second girl took a little longer, but she was just more reserved. Once she was comfortable with me, she was just as spirited and insatiable as the other one. I honestly can’t decide which was better in bed because they each had their own hotness and style.

Site Features

XXXCupid.com concentrates on ease of use rather than having a lot of extra features. The search and matching are simple but effective. There are also message boards and chat rooms where you can contact and flirt with other users and show what kind of a person you are.

The practicality, attractive layout, and ease of use more than makeup for the lack of features. The site only provides the bare essentials for you to find just the right girl or guy to hook up with. The best part is that almost all the women I encountered on the site were real. You would be surprised how rare that is.

Premium Cost

You can get a 3-day trial of the Silver membership for just $1.95. This is hardly enough time to find matches even though I found one of mine in the first 3 days. I would suggest purchasing at least a full month which is the standard price of $29.95.

It costs less when you buy 3 months and you only have to pay $59.95. The Gold membership gives you more features. It also puts you at the top of searches as a featured profile. Gold membership is $34.95 a month and costs less when you buy 3 months for $69.95. You can save the most money by purchasing a full year at $149.99.

Conclusion: XXXCupid Does Work, But I Have An Even Better Site!

XXXCupid.com isn’t just a pretty site that lures you in and provides no results. I had better luck on this site than I have on most other hookup sites I have tried. If I can hook up, you can too. However, before you join this site, I want you to check out my page of top-ranked sites and apps. No, it’s not because this one doesn’t work. It’s simply because I want you to know what I use and stand behind.

Better Than XXXCupid

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