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XMeets.com Reviews: Fake Profiles And Expensive Memberships

Who’s into meeting people for sex? I am and I’m sure you are as well. Chances are you’ve ended up on some shady ass sites if you’re even remotely like me. One of those sites might be XMeets. If you take some time to dive into the site, you’ll quickly realize that XMeets.com claims that they are a site that sexy friends use to meet each other for casual dates. That’s what they claim, but I promise you, you won’t meet anyone sexy for anything. In fact, the only thing you’ll be doing on XMeets.com is dealing with their shady tactics for getting you to upgrade and spend more money.

Trust me, I absolutely HATE shady dating sites like xmeets.com. Keep reading and you’ll learn everything you need to know about this nonsense. I never go down without a fight, especially if I get burned using a dating site – screw that! Here’s my full review of the network.

XMeets.com screenshot

My In-Depth XMeets Report

XMeets.com claims it is free to join their site. Sure, you can join for free, but once you enter your information you are instantly prompted to upgrade. If you actually find a real woman and want to chat with her in any manner, you have to have a paid membership. You may wonder why I say, “If you actually find a real woman”. Well, let me explain to you another scam site tactic that XMeets.com likes to use.

They Want Your Money, Period

Dating sites that are only out to get your money will utilize fake profiles, usually called something like “Love Stars” or “Love Cupids” or in the case of this network, “Fantasy Cuties.” These are profiles that the parent company will set up with sexy pictures and fun, exciting background information to make you think that the site is full of hot women.

Fake Profiles On Xmeets

There might be a bot behind this profile or a paid person that keeps trying to get you to upgrade your membership by flirting with you, sending winks, and just engaging with you in whatever manner works.

You might think that you’ll meet these hotties, but I promise you, you won’t. You just can’t as they could be anywhere in the world, and you probably wouldn’t want to, anyway, as you don’t know who is behind that profile. It could be a dude for all you know!

Here’s a screenshot of the terms and conditions…

Fantasy Cuties Terms and Conditions

If that isn’t a big deal for you, let me speak money to you.

Is It Free? Meh, Ya Right!

I mentioned joining XMeets.com is free. They then offer you a two-day paid trial, just so you can see if the site is something that will work for you. You’ll pay a small $8.90 for those two days, which isn’t too bad. However, what happens if you do your two days and forget to cancel your membership?

Well, at that point, XMeets.com has the right to continue your membership monthly, whether you want it or not. Do you really want to pay $29.95 a month to talk to bots and fakes? I certainly don’t. Oh, and they do offer some other payment plans if you’re so inclined. Three months will cost $49.95 and six months runs $69.95. That’s a whole lot of money for nothing, in my opinion.

Tons Of Ads

Circling back to costs, maybe “nothing” is a strong word when talking about XMeets.com. What they do have a lot of is advertising. This is for the usual sexual things, such as penis enlargement, cam chats, and ways to find yourself multiple hookups.

And be ready for your inbox to be blown up with marketing from third-party companies just hoping to hook you into spending huge amounts of money on their sites too. It really is a vicious and never-ending cycle.

Conclusion: XMeets.com Will Not Help You Meet Anyone Real

Unfortunately, there are many casual and adult hook up sites out there that prey on lonely and horny men. They are experts at tricking men into paying for things that will never get them what they want, which is laid. XMeets.com is one of these sites and uses the same old methods that are all too common. If you are looking for a sexy woman, you’ll never find her on this site and you should totally avoid this money trap.

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