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uDates Review

uDates Review: Is It Worth The Upgrade Fee?

Today’s review covers a site called uDates.io. It’s of course a dating website and hookup platform that you can try out. Now, I’m not saying this platform is better than my tried and true go-to (see it here). But, it might be worth checking out the review before you join.

uDates Review

My Review Of uDates.io

Anyone who’s in the dating world needs to have a great site that they can use to meet people online before the real thing. That’s why it’s so important that you have the right kind of platform to find the people that you want to meet. There are lots and lots of different sites that claim to give you everything you want, but none of them ever actually deliver.

Most men and women end up having bad experiences on them and just give up on dating altogether. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. If you try out a service like uDate then you might just realize that dating online doesn’t have to be as difficult as the other sites make it.

The Membership Plans

They have four different plans for you to choose from so you’re getting the right fit for your needs. The one-month option is only going to end up costing you $14.99.

You can decide to stick around for a little bit longer with the three-month plan and pay just $29.99. The six-month plan will save you even more money at $44.99. Finally, you can join for a full twelve months and get the best deal at $71.99.

The Anonymity Is Great

One of the most important factors on any dating site is the way they keep your information private and it’s no different on uDates. They make sure that only other members are able to see that you’re on the site.

That means that no one else will be able to simply search for your name and see that you’re signed up. It keeps your private life private so you never have to deal with the embarrassment of someone from work or home seeing what you’re up to when you’re on the internet.

uDates Homepage
The uDates.io Homepage

Features That Work

Of course, no dating site is going to be worth your time or money if it doesn’t work the way you want it to. The features that you can find here are simple and they just get the job done.

You’ll be able to block any members that you want, so you don’t keep getting messages from people that you don’t want to talk to.

You’ll also be able to use a chatroom for your first virtual meetup with someone new. It’s a very safe way to get to know them over a cam chat and see where things lead.

Mobile Access

The one big drawback of uDates.io is the fact that there’s no app for you to use right now. That doesn’t mean you don’t get any mobile access, though.

You can open up your account on any device you have, from your desktop to your phone and you won’t have any issues with it at all.

Just don’t try to find it in the app store. Anything you come across there will be a third-party app and has nothing to do with this one. Hopefully, there’s an app in development for future use.

Conclusion: Should You Try Out uDates.io

No matter how many different dating sites you’ve been on, you really need to try out uDates for yourself. It’s definitely one of the better ones on the market. You can opt for a longer membership to save the most money when you join.

They keep you safe by hiding you from non-members and you can block anyone that you want on the site. Best of all, you can use the cam chat room for your first meet-ups with new people.

It’s not as good as that Skype sex I talk about. But it might just be a site that you decide to sign up for. Try uDates.io if you’d like or if you really want to get laid and say screw all that nonsense, then…

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