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The League: Elite Dating App, But For Sex?

If you take a look at the social media connected to The League, you’ll realize that they actually hate dating apps and they hate using them. That is the impression that I got when visiting the Instagram account tied to this dating service. Here’s what The League is and what it’s all about.

If you’ve used Tinder or any other massive casual, yet mainstream dating networks, then you have a pretty good idea how this type of hookup app works. The real question is what differentiates Theleague.com from the rest of them and does it truly do just that? I’m going to dive into the details here to give you a better indication of whether or not I think it’s worth downloading and joining.

The League App

Details On The League Elite Dating App

First thing’s first, if you’re not a resident of some major city, then chances are you might not even be eligible. This app is currently only available for people living in New York and San Francisco right now.

They operate under the following tagline, “Date. Intelligently.” and although they’re probably smarter than myself, I can’t say with 100% confidence that this is the most intelligent way to date. More on that, just keep reading.

If you think you’re going to just signup and get started, think again! There’s long list of people waiting to get accepted into the network. Hundreds of thousands of people are on the waiting list (based on my research) and it’s possible that you won’t even make the cut.


No creeping – Users will not be able to see or meet you if they don’t meet your preferences.

No random matches – The algorithm connects only those that match best with you.

No bullshit – If you’re looking to play games, then this isn’t the app to do it on. The matches made are temporary (21 days) so there are no games here.

Fake investigations – The League investigates users that seem suspect enough to be possible fakes. If determined, they’re immediately banned for life.

Facebook/Linkedin – TheLeague.com requires that you have both Linkedin and Facebook in order to connect for a better experience. It weeds out those looking to remain anonymous, sorry.

the League Screenshots

Do You Meet The Requirements?

If you want to join this then you’ve got to meet some requirements. For starters, if you went to some low tier college or university, chances are you might not get in. This is for people that have received a good education, are ambitious, and know exactly what they want. If you don’t meet those requirements, then chances are that you will not be getting accepted anytime soon.

Assuming you make the list of the elite that makes the cut, then consider yourself lucky.

How The League Works

This app actually works very similar to Tinder in terms of matching. They require both users to “heart” each other in order for a match to take place. The matches that do take place are typically activated around happy hour daily.

If you’re expecting to land some match, connect, and bang some hot girl after some happy hour drinks, think again.

Why? Well, because the users just don’t respond as quickly as you’d expect.

Did I forget to mention that the casual encounters and naughty behavior are frowned upon? They have their own list of dating rules, and it’s long and annoying AF. I’ll cover those below right now.

The Rules Are Insane

If you don’t follow the rules of using The League, then you better plan on getting kicked out of the network. They’ve got an insane number of rules that users must follow.

Any users that decide to not log into the app for two weeks or more are kicked out. If you decide to not respond to people, you will be kicked out. Using offensive language or behavior will result in being kicked out as well. The icing on the cake for me is the fact that they kick people out for suggesting casual sex meetups, and last but not least, if your photo doesn’t showcase you wearing all white, then you’re out.

Want to be re-admitted to The League? Then pay up the $25 re-entry fee and maybe you’ll get back in.

I don’t care how picky anyone is, this group of elite scholars and professionals might not be the best approach to dating.

Does It Work?

It might for you, but most likely it isn’t for me. I say this not because it simply doesn’t work at all but because I like to go for the more casual dating experience and I never rule women out based on their education. If you’re hoping for unicorns shooting rainbows out of their buttholes, then you will most likely be displeased with your personal results.

Conclusion: The League App Might Work But I’ll Pass

If you know exactly what you want (and it’s something more serious), where you want it, and you’ve got a decent education, then this might work for you. , on the other hand, am opting out here. There are far more effective hookup apps out there that I know will yield more positive results. That’s why I’m passing on The League dating app and going with something like this exclusive “bang book” meant to connect for sex. That’s how I roll.

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