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Thai Cupid Review

Full disclosure before I share my opinion of this review. I love Thai girls and everything about them. In fact, I spent a month in Thailand just to test the waters if you know what I mean! That’s how I came across the Thai Cupid website.

See, everyone has their own preferences in what they’re looking for in a partner. Maybe you want someone that is in the military. Or, maybe you want to spend time with someone that likes a specific activity you also enjoy. Perhaps you want to date someone of a specific ethnicity. If you fall into the latter category and you are attracted to those in Thailand, you’re in luck.

ThaiCupid.com, formerly known as ThaiLoveLinks, knows that some men are attracted to the exotic looking women throughout the country and they have been helping to deliver that love of the exotic since 2006. They’ve made ThaiCupid.com the largest Thai dating site on the internet, with over one million members.

I’ve done my part here below to share everything I can about this site and why you might give it a shot if you’re brave enough to do so.

Thai Cupid Review

My Review After Using ThaiCupid.com

Here’s everything you need to know about this site and all that comes along with joining.

Starting w/ Joining

If you find that you want to create an account, you’ll be able to do so in no time at all. To get the ball rolling on ThaiCupid.com, you’ll need to share some common dating site information, such as your name, your gender, where you live, your email address, a username, and a password. Within just a few minutes you’re a registered member.


Joining ThaiCupid.com is free. All members are given the opportunity to set up the basic profile with information about themselves. This information would be the type of things you would want other members to be able to see about you (and you will see about them) such as your physical characteristics, your thoughts on children and marriage, and what you’re looking for in your potential mate.

The site will also ask you other questions such as your willingness to relocate for a partner and if you can speak Thai. None of these things are required to be included in your profile, but the more you include, the bigger the chance that you’ll find a good match.

Use Good Pics

Finding that match also requires pictures. ThaiCupid.com allows you to upload pictures of yourself and you should take that seriously. Don’t include too many pictures of other people or your pets, but instead focus on getting a nice, recent, clear photograph of your face and body.

Next comes your personality profile. Again, this isn’t a requirement by the site, but if you want to add a little bit more to your profile, such as your likes and dislikes, this is a great option. Keep in mind, a strong dating profile makes or breaks your experience.

Matches Will Now Be Made

Once you have entered your information and uploaded some pictures of yourself, you will begin to receive matches. ThaiCupid.com uses algorithms that look at the information you wrote about yourself and finds people with similar responses. If you don’t want to wait on the computer to find your matches, you do have the ability to do a search where you can enter the specific things you’re really looking for.

Finally, if you want to further increase your chances, you can also use CupidTags, which are similar to hashtags. You can enter personality traits such as “happy” or “funny” and other members who have used similar CupidTags will pop up. This is just another way that ThaiCupid.com tries to help you find that perfect match.

Play It Safe-ty, Always

When using any dating site, safety should be your main concern. You never know who you’re talking to or if they’re even who they say they are. ThaiCupid.com offers its members the opportunity to verify their profile and identity. This adds in a level of security that anyone who has a verified profile badge is exactly who they are. All you do is send over a picture via webcam of you holding onto a government-issued ID and once they verify it, you’ll get your badge.

The Upgrade Fees

As I mentioned earlier, joining ThaiCupid.com costs nothing. But, as with all free things, you don’t quite get the best. If you want to improve your chances of finding the perfect match, you might want to consider upgrading your membership level to a paid subscription. ThaiCupid.com has two paid levels, both Gold and Platinum. Upgrading to Gold gets you unlimited messaging, such as private messaging or chats. You can also block certain members from seeing your profile. If you go Platinum, you will also gain the ability to have video chats and to perform advanced searches.

Gold vs Platinum Costs

The cost of each level varies with the length of time you wish to join. For the Gold membership you can choose from four levels:

  • One-month plan-$26.00
  • Three-month plan-$54.00
  • Six-month plan-$78.00
  • One-year plan-$108.00

If you decide you’d like the added benefits of the Platinum membership of ThaiCupid.com, the membership dues are as follows:

  • One-month plan-$26.00
  • Three-month plan-$48.00

Conclusion: Thai Cupid Just Might Work For You!

No matter what level you decide to go with on ThaiCupid.com, you’ll find that they are top-notch in what they offer, their safety, and their large user base. If you are someone who loves to date women from an exotic culture, joining ThaiCupid.com will almost certainly bring you closer to finding your perfect Thai partner.

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