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SwipeAffair.com Review

One of the many online dating sites that try to use the popularity of Tinder to make a name for themselves is SwipeAffair.com. They wish that they were Tinder, but their name is the only thing that is inspired by the popular hookup app. The actual site is generic with nothing to help it stand out from other sites. It has the cliché claim of 100% free dating on their main page, but I knew that this was not true.

It also has a generic layout style that I have seen on countless other sites and not one of these sites has turned out to be legit. Check out my full review below and I will let you know why this site never rose above the others.

My swipeaffair.com review

Swipe Affair Review and All the Dirty Details Exposed

I have seen so many dishonest dating sites that use this sign-in process that I rolled my eyes as I clicked through the standard series of questions about your sex, who you are looking to meet, your date of birth, whether you enjoy receiving oral sex, if you’ve tried anal sex, and if you are looking for a discreet encounter.

You agree to their shortlist of rules and you are taken to a page where you enter your display name, password, and valid e-mail address. This is where I noticed something even more suspicious than the generic site template and familiar interface. They use Love Stars.

If you do not know of the term Love Stars, then you have not been on very many dating sites. This is a common term that many dishonest sites use to describe fake profiles that they create. If you want to see a detailed description of what they are, they let you know exactly what they are. Just click on the term and you will be taken to that section of their terms and conditions page.

It states that they are fictitious models or bots that stimulate dialogue with users. These profiles are marked with the letters LS and there are a lot of them. After trying the site for myself, I believe that there are even more than they admit to. You should not only avoid this site because of Love Stars. You should avoid all dating sites that use this term because it is just an excuse to fill the site with fake profiles and try to fool you into paying for their service by sending you fake messages.

I completed the process of joining by entering a profile headline, description, and various information like marital status, body type, race, and location. The page I was taken to next had all the proof I needed to confirm that this was not a legit dating site. First, you are asked to enter your credit card information at this point. That is already a warning sign.

They say that a valid credit card is required for age verification, but it’s just a way for them to get your financial information on file. On top of this; I also saw the term Love Stars next to the box where you must agree to their terms. If this isn’t enough proof that this is a dishonest site, just look at the address bar. My address bar had the url of a porn site called BlackUltraSexVideos.com in it and I was about to be redirected if I entered my info.

swipeaffair homepage
Screenshot of the homepage.

For many dating sites and apps, I look for reasons why I should not join. On this site, I found myself looking for one good reason why I should and I didn’t find any. They use the infamous term Love Stars that many fake dating sites use. They claim to be free, but ask for your credit card info and redirect you to a porn site that you have to pay for. This is a great example of a site with all the standard red flags that you should watch out for on every site like it.

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