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SuperHookup Exposed: It’s Completely Useless, Here’s Exactly Why

Some sites rock, other sites are a huge waste of time. I’ve been meaning to publish my review of the Superhookup site for quite some time, I just never got around to it. The good news is that I’m finally finding the time to do so.

Bad news? The site is bad and not one that I recommend using. The reason I pretty much shun this site is two-fold. For starters, you’ll soon learn that it’s nothing more than a marketing website. You’ll also quickly learn that taking action on the site creates redirects which I can’t stand. I’ll cover all that and then some below. Just take the time to read my review below.

superhookup scam

SuperHookup.com – A Scam Or What? Find Out Now!

I’ll kick things off with some of the basics about the site. SuperHookup.com likes to consider itself as being one of many free fuck sites and it’s about as generic as they come.

In fact, it doesn’t even exist. It’s one of those sites that redirects you to another site after you register and that one isn’t any better because they are both fakes.

I had a feeling that this was the case from the moment I arrived. When you type the address into your browser, all you see is a page with 3 large photos of nude women.

There is nothing indicating that it’s a dating site. A box, in the middle of the page, says that a member wants to trade nude pics with you, and you are asked if you accept.

Do Not Accept!

When you accept, you are told that this is not a traditional dating site. Before they can show you nude pics of horny women who want to fuck, they need to ask you a few quick questions.

I’m not sure who would even bother to continue from here because it doesn’t even say anything about being a hookup site. Keep reading my detailed review below and you will see that it just got worse when I finally registered.

The Crappy Process

You are asked 4 questions and the first question is the first time you see what niche the site is. It says that there are horny cheating wives and single moms on the site, so you must agree to keep their identity secret.

This is all just to give the illusion of authenticity. The next question says that the women on the site are not interested in a relationship, only want to fuck, and asks if you are okay with this request.

Yeah, right…

Next, you agree to practice safe sex and that you are 24 years of age or older. This is when your 6-step registration process begins. Those first 4 were basically a waste of time.

They ask for your sex, the sex you are looking for, your age, e-mail address, and password. After that, you find out that SuperHookup.com doesn’t exist because you are taken directly to XDating.com.

After The Redirect

You are taken to your XDating profile that is set up like a social media site. I started receiving multiple alerts that hot girls were checking out my profile before I even added a photo or profile info. This is another sign of a dishonest site. The menu at the top allows you to access your messages, activity, search, free movies, and live cams.

Both the free movies and the live cams cannot be accessed unless you purchase a premium membership. You also need a membership to send and receive messages. Don’t bother with the Meet & Fuck option because that just directs you to another similar site.

Conclusion: SuperHookup.com Is A Super Letdown

There are only two choices to purchase a membership. The recurring monthly charge is $29.95. The only way to save money is to purchase 3 months for $59.95, which comes out to $19.98 a month.

If you want a very good reason not to pay these high prices, just check out their terms and conditions page. Scroll all the way down about 75% of the way down the page and you will see that they admit to using fantasy profiles called Online Flirts.

They claim that they are there to enhance your amusement experience and sprinkle some sparkle and excitement into the services. This proves to me that most of the profiles and all the messages you receive are fake. The term Online Flirts is common among dating sites.

The bad thing about SuperHookup.com (or should I say XDating.com) is that it’s common among sites that are complete frauds. Please don’t fall for this very obvious tactic.

They count on you knowing nothing about online dating, so they can fool you into paying. While I can’t say that XDating is a scam because there are real women on the site, I just don’t like being redirected or lied to, plain and simple.

Assuming you’re a risk-taker and ready to do something about your hookup drought, then start with this – click here and register.

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