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XDating.com Review: The Truth About This Sex App & Sign In Process

This is my official review of the XDating.com website. I’ve been keeping a very close eye on this site over the years and I’ve seen it evolve from one thing to another. Some people have requested that I share my thoughts on this network and I’ve done just that here below. There’s nothing that would ever stop me from being 100% truthful and honest when it comes to casually dating via a website or an app. I tell it like it is and know that thousands of folks appreciate it.

Before I get deep and dirty into the actual XDating review, I want you to know that this site has recently gone through a major overhaul for the better! Not only did it go through a facelift, but the member experience is ten times better than it was – trust me, it was pretty damn good even without the changes! The first thing you’ll notice is the look of the site.

It went from this OLD LOOK:

xdating review

To this NEW LOOK:

new Xdating homepage

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That’s just scratching the surface though. Probably best that we just dive into the review…

Official Xdating Full Site Review, My Personal Experience & Sign In Process

If you’ve never heard of XDating then you’ve probably been living underneath a rock for the last few years. This is an online dating service that specializes in connecting people that want the most basic casual sex relationship known to man.

That’s right, I’m talking about a simple “one and done” or “poke and peace out” type of relationship. It’s a dating network that prides itself in specializing in facilitating these types of connections for people. The site has a lot of perks. I’ll provide details for you on all that below.

In terms of the design and layout, the site has everything a typical well-established dating site should have. It’s got a nice clean layout and a search function that’s pretty sweet. I’ll admit, I wasn’t exactly feeling this site right away. However, that all changed once I started spending more time in the members area connecting with some of the girls on the site.

There are a decent number of local girls that seem to be active on the site in my specific area. I can’t reveal my exact location but this is a great sign given my location. That said, I’m pretty confident that this network will give you ample opportunity to find someone to fuck in your area.

How To Sign Up For XDating

Signing up is a piece of cake. For starters, all I had to do was fill out a simple form that was on the homepage. It took me about two seconds to become a member.

All I had to do was provide my email address, desired password, date of birth and I clicked the big green join button on the homepage. Simple as that. Once I did that, I had provided a username, gender and location.

I then uploaded a photo, wrote a bio and had to verify my registration via email but that only took a couple of minutes. Once my account was activated, I proceeded to fill out my profile, listing only the most basic information as I didn’t have too much time to spend on the registration process.

That said, it’s always best for you to put as much time and effort into your dating profile as possible. I actually went back and updated everything in my profile at a later date. That’s it. I was an active member ready to meet people to bang!

Membership Stats

Xdating has a pretty decent size network. They actually have a number of other sites that connect with xdating.com, so once you join this site, you’re able to connect easily with members from within the network of dating sites that they have.

Keep in mind, there are lots of dating sites that exists out there but not all of them are considered to be great. Luckily, the site is one that I personally vouch for as being a decent site. The site has millions of members.

In fact, there are so many members that are part of this site that I can’t put a specific number of members out there for you. Just know that it’s in the millions and it’s growing daily.

The Costs To Join

I think I mentioned this already, but joining xdating.com is absolutely free. You don’t have to pay for anything to become a member. I joined for free when I first came across the site. However, if you want full reign of the members area then you’re going to need to upgrade your membership.

I ended up committing to the site for three months at first. It only cost me $19.98/month. You can get a much better value if you join for 6 months. I used this site for roughly 12 months. I canceled only to join another site because I test so many of them. That said, it was a great experience and the cost was relatively inexpensive.

Best Features

The best features are the ability to upload a ton of photos and message girls. They have a nice SMS chat feature which came in handy. Oh, I should also mention that I was pretty impressed with the preset responses that the site provided in dropdowns in the messages. This meant I could send fast responses to girls and message more women without putting forth too much effort.

options on Xdating.com

My Personal Site Experience

Having tried out xdating.com for a year, I was pretty happy with my overall experience using the site. I wasted zero time and soon as I became a member I was messaging girls that day.

A couple of the girls that contacted me weren’t very cute and I may have been a bit too forward with them so it turned them off.

I was able to convince more than half a dozen girls to have sex with me using the app. I didn’t have to spend any money on majority of the girls.

A couple of them wanted to do dinner and drinks (which is more than I wanted) but I didn’t mind since I knew the girls were all down to fuck. The time spent here as a member was well spent and it resulted in me having sex more than I would have if I hadn’t joined.

I must admit, I spent an awful lot of time using the cam section of the site which allowed me to chat with girls through the website. It was fun as hell and I wouldn’t change that for the world.

the girls

What If You Need Customer Support

There is a frequently asked questions section of the site that makes it very convenient to find answers to the 20 most popular questions that have been asked. In the event that your question isn’t listed, you can always reach out to support by submitting a ticket to the support team.

I contacted support for something personal and received a reply in less than 10 minutes. I’d say that’s an acceptable response time today. They do have 24/7 support if you’re ever online late night looking for someone to bang and you have issues.

Final Conclusion: The XDating Scam Talk Is Bullshit. This Site Is Kickass!

Knowing what I do about the site and the little effort that it took to successfully get laid, I’d have to say that this is a site I recommend you join. It’s a perfect mix for those looking for something more explicit but simple.

The girls overall were friendly and the messages that I received from the members were all about getting down to business for the most part. If you’re looking to have sex with some girls in your area then you might find a few on here that want to fuck. Try it out and let me know how you make out!

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