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Spark Networks Review: Free Online Dating Site or Scam?

There are little dating sites all over the internet that are set up to take your money and they use their low profile to their advantage because they are not widely known as scams. Sites like Spark.com are a different animal. Spark isn’t just a dishonest and deceiving dating site. It is the brainchild of a network of dishonest dating sites. The Spark network owns other free Internet dating sites like ChristianMingle.com, BlackSingles.com, JDate and more. I have tried these other sites and determined that they were fraudulent. During my investigations, I found that all these sites were owned by Spark, so I was anxious to try it out to see if it was more of the same. What I found were the same tactics on a larger scale.

Take a quite sec to digest this review. I share detailed evidence I found, proving that this is not a legit dating site. I also outline my personal experience on the site, so you can hear the review straight from someone who has tried it, despite its reputation.

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spark network review

My Spark Networks Review And Overview

The first bit of proof that Spark.com is shady came when I was reading through their website terms and conditions. This is what you should do every time before you enter your information into any dating site. You can find more warning signs here than you may realize. Companies like Spark admit to scamming you, but they bury it in their fine print hoping that you will never read it. The first thing I found out is that they take and reuse your information. This is how they populate their massive network with fake profiles. Every person that signs up and fills out an online profile have their information taken and made into bogus profiles for several sites on the network.

You can read and respond to messages, but you are not able to send any messages initially unless you pay for a subscription. This is one of the few dating sites that allows you to message users without paying. This allows you to check out the site as long as you like without having to pay, but they make sure to tempt you enough with their paid features that you want to pay for a membership since it’s $24.99. It’s not exactly cheap, but it’s not as expensive as some sites either. I ended up ultimately having some luck on the site, but it was sure a lot of hassle to get to.

My Experience

I rather enjoyed the sign-up process. Their personality test ends up helping you learn a few things about yourself while trying to narrow down your interests and dating preferences. While I was using the free features on the site, I had no luck at all. I responded to several women who wrote me and their responses seemed automatic and I didn’t get any responses that addressed the message that I sent. It wasn’t until I paid for a membership that I started talking to real women.

When I tell you that I went through a lot of hassle in the first month, that is an understatement. Most of my time was spent weeding out the fake messages and profiles. I only talked to 2 real women out of about 60 that I interacted with during the month. I determined that one of them must have been an employee of the site because she did nothing but tease and string me along. The other one seemed genuine, but our conversation never really went to the next level.

Site Features

The flirt feature is a part of your free membership and it allows you to send quick flirts to other members. If you can get them to write you by using flirts to get their attention, you might possibly manage to function on the site without paying the membership fees, but it’s decidedly harder. The fact that Spark has so many things that you can do for free is the reason that you will run into a lot of ads on the site. Any site with free functionality needs to get their money somehow, so they get it through advertisers. The ads take some getting used to, but if it gets too much for you, you can always upgrade your membership and the ads will disappear. Another great feature is the personality test which asks you details about yourself so you can find the most compatible matches.

Bottom Line

Unlike many fake sites; it is possible to talk to real women at Spark.com, but is it worth the amount of time you spend? Is it worth the price of membership fees you must pay to get to the real women? The network is huge, so you will find a real girl from time to time, but not without a lot of bullshit on the site. Do yourself a huge favor and stay far away from any of the Spark.com Network sites. I’m not going to advise that you waste time on something that’s not guaranteed to get you laid. If you want that, then you need to just join a Fuckbook dating site and call it a day!

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