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Sextfun Review: Why I Suggest Avoiding This Forum Style Site

I’ve been really into using casual dating sites that are created on the premise that people want to sext and meet up. Why? Well, I know it works and quite frankly it’s fun too. I’ve recently been checking out a site called SextFun and went as far as documenting my experience using the website. If you are not familiar with this site, it’s a forum or at least that’s what I thought when I first landed on the website. Given that I’ve tried so many different sex-related sites, I thought what the hell, why not give SexFun.com a shot and see if it truly delivers as promised. I’m bouncing back from a really bad experience using SextingForum.net and just needed to share this experience with the world as well.

Fear not, I waste zero time and get right down to it here…

Sextfun Dating Review

SextFun.com Hookup Forum Isn’t What You Think – Details Below

Unfortunately, my experience using this forum was awful. Here’s every reason why you might want to avoid the mistake that I made.

All Sales, No Juice

Despite the name, SextFun has no fun to offer at all. In fact, if you make the mistake of using it in any way, you’re just going to get yourself into trouble.

It’s clear that the main focus is to just sell you dating site memberships (scammy ones too), and there are tons of reasons why. We’ll lay them out for you so you can make the decision to go pretty much anywhere but here.

Zero Replies Across The Board

The first thing that sticks out is the fact that throughout all of the threads, finding a reply is next to impossible. In fact, about a full 99% of them have no responses at all. This is a big red flag that everything you see here at Sext Fun is fake.

That’s simply not how a real forum works. If they had active users, there would be conversations. That’s how they work. That’s what a forum is for. It doesn’t happen here. Each post is nothing more than an ad.

No Verification – Shady AF

On top of that, they make no attempt to verify any of their users. No one who signs up can prove that they are who they say they are.

If you have the time to make a few different email addresses, you can make profiles until you get bored and move on to scamming someone else. No legitimate site would ever work that way because they want to keep the spamming down to a minimum.

That’s not the case here, though, because the spamming is the purpose of the site. They’re only here to trick you into their end game.

Cookie Cutter Terms As It Gets

For the biggest piece of proof, do a little investigative journalism. Sign up for the site with an email address that you never want to use again and take a look at the ToS.

Every site has them, even Sext Fun. After you read it, head over to en.wordpress.com/tos/ and read that. Notice anything? It’s exactly the same.

They don’t have their own terms, they’ve simply copy/pasted it from a WordPress site. That would give the owner of any real website a heart attack and open him up to all kinds of legal trouble.

Ripped Images

Continuing our investigation into Sext Fun, let’s look at the images. Go through the posts and find your favorite one. It doesn’t matter which one it is.

It’s going to have an image on it. Now take that image and run a reverse image search on it. Notice anything? That’s right it’s all over the internet.

The person in this picture was never involved with posting their picture here. It was stolen, it’s that simple. Lots of forums contain ripped images, but this company likely does it on their own. Just my personal opinion, which I have every right to express.

Snapchat Fakes

If you sign up for this place and use it to any extent, you’re not going to get anywhere. Most of the Snapchat usernames that you click on are going to lead you directly to sign up pages for dating sites and even mobile flirting apps.

They’re all fake and run by the owners to trick you into joining. If you get on any of those, you’re going to be tortured with spam. Seriously stay away.

Conclusion: SextFun Is No Fun

I hate to burst your sexting bubble, but you’re not going to be meeting any girls looking to sext here on Sextfun.com because they do not exist. Nor will you find any type of real sexting nudes here on the forum. It’s simply a scam that’s meant to sell more dating memberships and nothing more. Whether you’re sexting a guy or girl using the data found on this site, I can tell you that you’re wasting your time. If you want to connect with real people looking for real sex, then you need to try one of the sites shown below. Don’t waste your time with any other networks, trust me I know what I’m talking about.

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