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Setforsex Review: Sued By FTC For Fake Profiles So Do Not Join This Site!

The SetforSex dating site promises that you will be able to sign up completely free of charge and hook up with hot young ladies in your area. The site looks basic as fuck too. They have a gallery of extremely cute girls on the front page to illustrate that you can get laid using this site. Sadly, it’s very unlikely that these girls or many other girls exist on the site. They are well known for being a shady dating company that does nothing but fucks over their users.


More Details on SetForSex.com (Review)

Sites like this one are not built to find you a match in your area to hook up with. They are built for one thing, to convince you to pay for an upgrade and not meet for sex.

This is a very obvious scam site and they don’t even do very well at hiding that fact because the scamming practices are typical and easy to see.

They are so easy that the Federal Trade Commission came down on them hard. Read my full review below for details on why you should avoid SetForSex.

Oh, before I continue with the review, there is one thing you need to know. It’s about this site and I need you to understand this from the very beginning, it’s already been prosecuted by the FTC. That right there is the biggest red flag of a true scam existing. The parent company that runs NaughtyOver40, SetForSex, and JustHookup got slapped hard with a huge fine from the FTC. Using fake dating profiles costs them more than $616,000! It’s all in regards to their Virtual Cupid program and Fake Cupid profiles. Find out more in my full review.

setforsex dating review

My SetForSex Complete Site Investigation

I waste no time in getting things exposed here on this shitty excuse of a dating site. Read the entire review before you join!

Sign Up Process

They make it as easy as possible for you to initially sign up, so they can charge you as quickly as possible. All you have to do is indicate your gender and what gender you are looking for.

After indicating your desired age range, and e-mail address and choosing a password, you are redirected to a page to complete your free profile.

If I were you, I would stop just before clicking the submit button. Read the paragraph just below “Join Free Now” before completing the process. This is where they admit that they use fictitious profiles called “Fantasy Cupids.”

They admit that communications with these fake profiles will not result in a physical meeting and that the “Cupids” will communicate with you for “promotional activities” only.

Why would you want to pay for a membership to a site that admits to sending fake messages and creating fake profiles?

They count on you not reading this, so they can charge you before you realize it’s a scam. They likely don’t give a fuck whether you read it or not. They simply want your hard-earned cash.

Membership Stats

SetForSex claims to have millions of real members, but that is not even close to the truth. If there are any real members on the site, they make up a very low percentage of the actual profiles.

If a site admits to creating fake profiles (even if required by the FTC) then there is no way those numbers can be accurate. The reason they create profiles is because they need to fill the void of those truly registered.

Membership Price

If you dare to try the site for yourself, you won’t get anywhere unless you pay for a membership. They have a 3-day trial membership that costs $1.

The moment that three-day trial is over; you will be charged automatically for the $34.95 membership cost and will continue to be charged until you cancel.

They have some deals when you purchase longer memberships: $74.82 pays for a 3-month membership, $107.70 pays for 6 months and $155.40 pays for a full year.

Website Features

The features don’t mean much when most of the profiles are fake. Sure, you can message some office jockey in a company setting but that’s not going to get you laid.

One thing that is good about the site is the Live Cams if you want to chat with cam girls then you can. However, if live cam girls are what you are looking for, you don’t want to go to an expensive hookup site to get it.

If this is what you’re looking for, you would be better off going to a real cam site where you can chat with girls for a much cheaper price.

My Experience

I was skeptical from the beginning, but I continued with the process of signing up and paying for a membership even though they admitted to using their Fantasy Cupids.

The moment I signed up, my inbox was flooded with messages from beautiful ladies who were dying to talk to me. I will say, they were smoking hot. However, I could not answer these messages until l paid for a membership.

Once I paid, these ladies were nowhere to be found. Not one lady who messaged me initially responded to my messages. Out of the many ladies I sent messages out to, I never got any genuine responses. At least those that seemed like they were with a real interest in meeting to fuck.

None of them seemed like real women and I did not get one clear response to any of my messages. For example, most of their messages pertained to nothing I wrote about in my messages. They were completely off-topic, to say the least.

If I asked a girl if she was looking for a no-strings-attached date, her response was something that had nothing to do with NSA dating at all.

Support And Customer Help

You are sure to have problems and need to cancel. If so, for support inquiries; you can contact their customer support department at support@date-support.com.

Put “Cancel my Subscription” in the subject line if you want to cancel. Just keep in mind that you have to submit and cancellation request at least 48 hours before your subscription is renewed or you will be charged.

Conclusion: SetForSex Has Been Busted By The FTC. Don’t Waste Your Time On This Site!

I won’t beat around the bush. SetForSex is just not worth your time nor are the other sites that they run. All you have to do is read their Terms and Conditions. You’ll see exactly why you need to stay far away. The reasons are printed in black and white, so you need to stay away.

Their only motivation is to scam you and take your money. Fuck this website and their shady tactics. It’s not worth it. Here’s a list of some reviews that you should think about reading that are of real sites that will help you meet horny local girls looking to fuck. Check them out below…

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