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Onlydtf.com Review: The Only DTF Website That No One Is “Down” For Anything

Running a dating review site means that I come across some crazy stuff. Every so often, I end up on a website and find myself asking why the hell it even exists. That happened when I landed on this particular site owned by Digital Landscape LLC. If you’ve seen Jersey Shore, then you know how important it is to be “DTF” if you’re a local girl. There is nothing better for a horny single person than finding someone who is DTF. In case you have been living under a rock, DTF means “down to fuck” and OnlyDTF.com is a dating site that uses this phrase in their branding.

They do so to attract users who might be looking for sex. Also, they do it to give their users a place to hook up online.  Before kicking things off, I should come clean and let you know that this is not my favorite option. There’s no question about it, Fling is my go-to network. So if you want to try my favorite, then find out how to join and get a fling sign in today in a matter of seconds. If not, keep reading.

Onlydtf.com Site Review

Is OnlyDTF.com The World’s Best Casual Sex Site? Find Out!

The company even goes as far as to claim that they are the best dating site in the world (total crock) but don’t worry, I wasn’t letting that slide on my watch. I quickly become skeptical of any site that makes such a bold claim and this one did not hold up to jack diddly.

If you didn’t know this already, I was overly suspicious of this site from the first click. Nope, I have not seen a single thing that makes me want to change my mind. Check out my full review of OnlyDTF.com right here. I’m telling you everything I know about this dating site. Don’t spend a nickel until you’ve read this entire review.

Registration Process

It seemed like a decent site at first because it didn’t have the same layout and interface that many familiar fake dating websites had. I entered my email address, password, and birthday then clicked the button to join for free. Not before I noticed the fine print.

It says right there that you are agreeing to receive emails targeted to your interests that are sent by the site. This is often a sign they create fake profiles and send you fake messages, but I continued anyway.

I chose a username, uploaded a photo, and entered a short description which is a minimum of 5 words. Actually, if I remember correctly, I went above and beyond with my description adding a quite a few sentences.

After clicking on the confirmation link that was sent to my email, I was registered and could start browsing. I did like how a gallery of women pops up, allowing you to immediately start connecting with any of the women.

Yes, you can click on any you think are hot to get you started. What I didn’t like was when I tried to send a message, I was taken to their payment page. So typical and I’m over it!

They Make You Upgrade

The OnlyDTF website basically makes you upgrade if you want to get anywhere within the network. I should also mention that there are only two choices when purchasing a membership. You can either pay the monthly charge of $29.95 or pay for 90 days at $59.95. Did I mention that you’ll be billed a recurring charge of $19.98 a month as well?

Be careful about what you sign up for though because you are agreeing to have the next month automatically withdrawn from your account. You will continue to be charged until you manually cancel.

What Would Make It Worth It?

If the women on the site were real, it would be well worth the price of membership. Sadly, they are not. The women are beautiful and they are so hot that it goes beyond what is realistic. If it were a real site, you would see a lot of profiles from women who are not that hot mixed with the ones that look like models. All you get is the models here and none of the women I contacted were genuine.

Strongest Reason To Avoid It All

The main reason that you should stay away from this site is not found on the index page. You must check their terms of service. Look about three-quarters of the way down the TOC page and you will see a paragraph mentioning “Online Flirts.”

If you are not familiar with online dating, this is a term that many bogus sites use to describe the fake profiles that they create and the fake messages that they send you trying to get you to pay for their service.

OnlyDTF.com says in their terms that these profiles are to enhance your experience, but all they do is waste your time. You are never going to hook up with any of these “Online Flirts” nor are you going to meet them in person.

The bottom line is that you must always check a site’s terms of service before signing up. Many of them legally disclose all the information you need to determine whether they are a legit site or not.

The Bottom Line

It should come as no surprise that this dtf dating site is one that you’ll want to avoid. I’ve used a lot of Internet dating services and this one doesn’t offer much other than a different design. You need to join a site that works if you really want to meet people to hook up with.

It’s super important that you avoid any sites that create profiles, communicate via auto messaging or anything of that nature. Trust me, it’s not going to help you get laid. Trust me, there are plenty options out there today when it comes to free sex dating, you just need to keep your eyes open for them and know what to look for.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to sit here and suggest that you join any site like Ashley Madison or other crappy sites. Instead, I’m going to only recommend the absolute best dating services available today.

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