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One Night Friend Review: Easy “Friendly” Dating Or Time Waster?

I’m not one to typically complain, but when it comes to fake dating scams, I’ve got a zero-tolerance policy. That said, when I came across the One Night Friend site, I was hesitant to join. Given my experience with other sites that the parent company runs, I was skeptical, to say the least. However, I went with a more positive mindset and approach and decided to give this a try. Things that I discovered with disheartening, to say the least. Here is what I learned when joining OneNightFriend.com.

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The One Night Friend Dating Site Experience (You Must Avoid)

Before getting into the details of the site, I want to share the premise behind this type of site. The company has named this dating network One Night Friend for a very specific reason. They want to give off the vibe that you can have successful one night stands with people.

For those unfamiliar with the term, it’s another way of saying find people to have sex with for one night only and move on from there. Lots of married people use these types of ONS apps and sites. There is no following up or anything of that nature. It’s one night of fun and that’s it.

But wait:

That’s not what you get here on One Night Friend.

Instead, you’ll have plenty of runarounds and tire kicking that you’ll have to deal with. On top of that, you’ll be dealing with bots, possible fakes and so much more. I’ll cut to the chase here and spill the beans. My blood was boiling after testing this site out, so it only makes sense that I spread the word to save you all time and money.

I am not even going to cover the features here because, in my personal opinion, they’re absolutely useless.

Here’s what I’ll be covering in my trusty review today:

  • Fake Chats
  • Fake Profile Activity
  • Fake Pokes/Winks
  • Fake Models
  • Bad Terms

The Chats Are Horrible

I’ll kick things off here covering the fake chats that this site deploys when you join. Soon as you become a member, even before you complete filling out your bio and profile, you will begin to receive chat messages from users. For the most part, I’d have to say that these are not real users. If you read some of the third party reviews you will quickly realize just how annoying and invasive these chats can be.

Think about it, why on earth would any girl want to chat with you when they do not know anything about you or what you even look like. Trust me, it’s a horrible feature and thing to have to deal with.

The Profiles Activity May Not Be Real

When using this One Night Friend site, you’ll notice that many of the profiles seem too good to be true. That’s because they’re just that! What ends up happening here is you start interacting with these profiles and no sooner do you realize that they are actively reaching out to you but not through real people.

Instead, this activity is all bot-driven. That’s how they sucker you into thinking that you’re chatting and mingling with users. In reality, they’re nothing but computer bots.

The Fake Winks Are Annoying AF

Nothing is worse than getting fake winks from people. I cannot stand these pokes and winks like Facebook has. It’s so frustrating and it’s even more frustrating when the site is filled with fake winks. They do this just to get you to react and take action on the site. Basically, they want your money and nothing more.

Models Are Abundant And Fake

If you take a close look at the site, you’ll soon realize that it’s filled with models all over the place. The best way to check for this is doing a reverse image search. This allows you to see if the profiles are real or not or if the photos have been posted all over the Internet. If you do a quick reverse image search on a number of profiles, you’ll quickly notice that the profile images are plastered all over the Internet. This is a huge red flag if you ask me!

The Terms Are Terrible

When you join One Night Friend, you must agree to the site terms and conditions. These terms are not anything that you want to agree to but there is no skirting around the system here. They make you agree to the terms so that they do not get into any legal trouble. It’s a way to cover their ass and that’s it.

Customer Service

If you want to cancel your membership, you can do so by simply reaching out to the company via their customer support number and asking for a refund. Shoot an email to support@onenightfriend.com and they’ll know exactly what you need to do.

Conclusion: One Night Friend Is Not Your Friend

This site wants you to upgrade to pay for premium services that will not get you laid. Simple as that really. My suggestion would be to stay far away from the site and avoid it completely. If you’re looking to have a one night stand, then you can do so using one of the best casual hook up apps I use and bypass all this nonsense.

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