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NSAFinder Review: WTF Does It Mean And Is It A Complete Scam?

Bottomline Upfront: Finding a no strings attached hookup is easy if you’re using the right sites and apps and you’re doing the right things. NSAFinder may or many not be the one for you. Simple as that. While many things don’t work, there are a few that do! You really should try this before everything. You’ll have better luck here than anywhere – trust me. Now, let’s get down to the NSAFinder.com review.

I’m going to warn you that this review isn’t going to be pretty. I’m basically in a no holds barred mood today and that’s exactly what you’re getting with this NSAFinder review. Before you assume otherwise, NSAfinder is not a site to find a National Security Agency office. On this site, the letters simply stand for “No Strings Attached.” Not sure what this is? Well, that is the type of sex that thousands of horny people are looking for around the world. They don’t want to have to deal with being involved in a real relationship of any sort. Guess what, some scumbag dating companies try to take advantage of people looking to partake in this type of behavior. Shocking, I know!

The site makes outlandish claims that they are the ultimate resource for modern online hookups. Contrary to their beliefs, they are only a resource for learning what a fake hookup site looks like. NSA Finder does have a brand name that stands for casual sex. Yes, they say something about all the types of women such as MILF, BBWs, friends, lovers, and more on their landing page. However, they just want your cold hard cash and I’m going to let you know how and why. They are unfocused and it’s completely obvious from the start. Keep reading for details…

NSAFinder Review

Official Report of My NSAFinder Investigation

Here’s a rundown of everything I I was able to uncover when using the NSAFinder website. What I’m about to share may shock some. I didn’t have to wait long to gather evidence of fraud in my investigation. It all started before I even joined the site.

All you have to do is look at the first page where you indicate that you are a man seeking a woman. Just below that, they tell you that you are agreeing to the use of “Fantasy Cuties” who contact you for “entertainment purposes.” This is one of the most recognizable signs of fraud in online dating. Fantasy Cuties are fake profiles created by the site and they use computer generated messages to try to convince you that you are talking to a real person. It is just ridiculous to me that sites still use this term and these tactics, but there are obviously people that are still falling for it. Let’s get something straight.

A legitimate dating hook up service is not going to create fake profiles and send you fake messages for your entertainment. They damn sure aren’t going to use a term like Fantasy Cuties because everyone familiar with online dating knows that a site that uses that term is not a site that can be trusted, especially when money is involved.

I had all the evidence I needed, but I continued anyway to see if I could find any more. I entered my username and e-mail address to register and the system did not like my “dot mail” e-mail, asking if I meant “dot” Gmail. That’s not the strange part. The browser says that an embedded page at MILFBBWs.com asks if I mean “dot” Gmail. This is when I knew that I was about to be redirected after I entered an e-mail from a major carrier. I entered my zip code and sure enough. I was redirected to MILFBBWs.com and I was immediately shown a popup asking me to upgrade to VIP status before I could send messages or add friends. I recognized the layout right away. It’s the same layout as Milfaholic.com, which is another fraudulent dating site. They also have the same high price, especially considering that most of their profiles are fake.

The monthly VIP membership charge is $29.95. You can get a 3-day trial for $2.97 per day, but you are limited to 10 profile views and message sends per day. As you can imagine, you are bombarded by Fantasy Cuties the entire 3 days and 10 messages per day are not enough to see if the site has anything but fake profiles. After that, you are automatically charged for a full month. When you buy 3 months at a time, you can get a membership at $16.65 a month. When you buy 6 months at a time, you get a membership at $11.69 a month.

The worst thing about NSAfinder is that it’s not even a site. You are redirected to MILFBBWs.com before you finish your registration. You start getting chat requests immediately before you even upload a profile picture. They admit, in their terms, that they create fake profiles and send you computer generated communications. Everything looks and functions the same as Milfaholic.com because they are all basically the same site. All of them use the same fraud tactics and redirect you to other sites on their network. This site is just a mess and an obvious con. Don’t be a fool. Sheep get fooled and they get nothing but eaten alive.

Stay far away from NSAFinder. I’m telling you right now, this is what to use if you want to just bang.

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