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MyHotBook Review: Don’t Get Suckered Into Using My Hot Book!

I’m just going to come out and say it instead of beating around the bush, MyHotBook literally stops at nothing to give you the “run around” and take your money. Let me give you some background info on the site in general. MyHotBook.com is a relatively unknown site yet it claims to have almost 35 million members. Okay, I’ll suspend disbelief and assume that this really simple and somewhat amateur looking hookup site has this many members, but I find it hard to believe that there are almost 66,000 in my city alone. Heck, I don’t even know if 66,000 people live in my hometown. That’s how crazy it is. Every site deserves its fair shake so I gave it one. I tried it and this is what I found out. In short, it was fucking horrible. Don’t worry, I’ve got something better for you!

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myhotbook dating review

A Review To Share Ways MyHotBook Scams Users

They exaggerate their numbers drastically at MyHotBook, so that is one good thing for a guy like me. If you know what to look out for, you’ll never go near a small site that makes these claims because you know that there is no way they could have that many users. That means most of them must be fake. Unfortunately, they still end up snagging gullible men into paying for their site. I tried it just so I could see how they do it. I gave it a chance because my assumptions could have been wrong, but it turns out that they weren’t. MyHotBook.com uses all the standard scamming tricks and hide it with fake positive reviews online.

One of the first things I did was check out some of the other Myhotbook reviews. They were glowing, but I started to notice something. A lot of the positive reviews had the same wording over and over and sounded like an advertisement. I also noticed that none of the major dating site reviewers even bothered to review it because it’s not all that popular. I went ahead and started to sign up. This site is so bad that I was immediately solicited to download random apps. Then I was redirected to WellHello.com. I tried to go back to MyHotBook and was redirected to another site and another site. What an obvious rip-off. It’s a cover for another one of the many fraudulent dating sites that exist on the Internet today.

Not Sure What Site I Was Messaging From

After several attempts to get into MyHotBook.com, the main site I was redirected to was WellHello.com. I had no choice but to sign up there. I signed in for free and made a nice little profile. Low and behold I had to pay to interact with anyone. Messages poured in until I paid then stopped. Oh, how I loathe sites like this. Nothing but redirecting to other scam sites and they all have the same lame tactics.

Phone Conversation

I knew from the moment I logged in and was redirected to other sites that I wasn’t going to be having any phone conversations with any girls on MyHotBook. I spent all my time on the site browsing and trying to figure out which profiles were fake. It seemed like most of them were and so were the messages. One girl I thought was real so I asked for her number and never heard back. If you can’t get a reply from a single girl and assuming you don’t look like a troll, the site is a complete scam. Simple as that really!

How Much Does This Cost?

They have 3 confusing levels of membership at MyHotBook.com, or should I say WellHello. You can do the $1 trial membership for 24 hours but they make sure to fill that 24 hours with nothing but fake messages and waiting the last minute to reply so that you will have to pay for a full month which is $29.95 which does not include video chatting. If you want to video chat, you have to pay for a year at $9.99 a month.

First Meetup

Good luck meeting with anyone using this site because your chances are pretty slim. You are basically going to be logging into any number of other bogus dating sites that you happen to be redirected to. The results will be the same every time. Nothing at all. No meeting up with girls. No messages and definitely no sex.

Conclusion: MyHotBook Is A Hot Mess Of A Dating Scam

This website is among the worst of all the scam dating sites I’ve come across because of the lengths they go to swindle you out of money. They insult your intelligence because you never actually do anything on MyHotBook.com. You are redirected to another lame site that I’ve most likely proven to be a scam in the past. On top of that, they plant fake reviews online saying that the site is the best hookup site out there with guys claiming to be hooking up with multiple girls a week. How could they be hooking up on this site if you are directed somewhere else? Avoid this site like the plague unless you have money to burn. It is certainly unlikely that you will ever get to interact with any real girls, let alone have sex. Steer clear of the site.

If this site sucks ass then which other sites do you recommend that I join?

That’s a pretty easy question to answer. I’ve had plenty of success using all the sites listed in the chart below. They all work well. Yes, I prefer some over others but if they sucked I wouldn’t have added them to the site. It’s pretty easy to get laid on any site listed below. Give one or two a shot.

Best Adult Dating Apps Rating Read Sign Up
Fling.com Official Logo ★★★★★ Read Review Visit Website
Instabang.com Logo ★★★★★ Read Review Visit Website
Snapsext.com Network Logo ★★★★★ Read Review Visit Website
Fuckbook Network Logo ★★★★★ Read Review Visit Website
Easysex.com Logo ★★★★★ Read Review Visit Website
Offical Sonaughty.com Logo ★★★★★ Read Review Visit Website

In the event that you’ve tried all the sites that I have ranked as being top sites, then I want you to contact me on social media or by sending me an email. I’ll give you some other ideas and the first insight into the sites I’m currently testing.

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