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MILFs Connection Doesn’t Lead To Real Connections (Review Exposes All)

If you are on the prowl for an older woman, there is an abundance of hookup sites that promise to connect you with hot and horny MILFs and cougars in your area. There are actually too many because very few of them offer a genuine dating experience. I checked out MILFsConnection.com to see if they were any different and I rolled my eyes from the moment I arrived. It has the exact same layout as a few fraudulent dating sites that I had tried and the only difference was their logo in the corner. It has the same cheesy gimmick where they tell you that registration for men will remain open for the next hour and the clock starts counting down. It’s not really a countdown at all because, when you refresh the page, the time goes back to an hour.

Milfsconnection Reviews

MILFsConnection.com and Why It’s Labeled a Scam

It had the same line where you must agree to the rules. The rules are; you must agree to protect the privacy of someone you know and respect their sexual desires if you see pictures of them. This is just a cheesy way to try to convince you that the site is real. I can tell you right now that you will never find anyone you know on this site unless they were fooled just like you were. I knew it was fake, but I continued anyway to see if the rest of the site was the same. Sure enough, I was taken to the 5-step registration process where I entered information like my sex, date of birth, zip code, e-mail address, and desired username.

Before I entered my username; I looked at the paragraph that I had to agree to. This is where I found more evidence of a fraud. They use Online Cupids. If you are experienced with online dating, you will leave immediately after seeing this term. If you are a beginner and not familiar with this term, many sites use it to describe fantasy profiles that they create and operate. They admit in this paragraph that they may interact with users to encourage full participation on the site and claim that they are created for entertainment and compliance. Real dating sites don’t create fake profiles and they damn sure don’t use this term because it’s too obvious of a red flag.

The Billing and Charges

You are immediately taken to their membership payment page when you confirm your e-mail address and fill out some of your profile. It’s the same price as every other fake site on this network. The monthly membership cost is on the high side at $29.95. A 3-day trial is available for 65 cents a day, but all you get is Online Cupids for those 3 days, then you are charged for a full month. You can get away with paying $16.65 a month when you buy 3 months at a time and the best deal is $11.65 a month when you buy 6 months. Do not enter your credit card information into a site that uses Online Cupids. There is nothing worth paying for and it is a site that cannot be trusted. All charges are recurring and will come out automatically at the end of each billing cycle unless you cancel.

Live Cams But Who Cares

There are live cams available at MILFs Connection and cam models always make up the first couple of rows of profiles. The rest of them are marked as Online Cupids. These fake profiles are clearly marked and they filled almost every page I clicked through. They hope that you will enter your financial information before you get to this point and realize that they are a fraud. I hope that you do not get fooled by such obvious scams. They try to get you to pay an expensive membership charge before you start browsing and realize that all their members are either webcam models that you need to pay extra for or Online Cupids. Let this be an example of sites that you should avoid.

Conclusion: Milfs Connection Is Nothing Of The Sort!

What I mean by this is quite simple, you will not be hooking up with milfs if you join this website. The company behind the Milf Connection website simply wants your money and that’s it. They use fake profiles to make the site appear to be more populated than they really are. Unfortunately, it’s a classic dating scam that too many people buy into.

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