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megapersonals review

MegaPersonals Review: Free Classified Sex Ads or Escort Nonsense?

This review covers everything you need to know about Mega Personal. The first thing I need you to know is that there are a few Mega Personals websites, but there is only one official dating network. The good news for you is that we’ll be covering every site so you know which are legit, which are fake, and what is best to use to hook up. The site you really need to understand is MegaPersonals.EU. That’s the site we’ll be focusing on for the most part. That said, let’s get this party started…

megapersonals review

My Review of Mega Personals Classified Hookups Site

Like I said from the beginning. There are many sites trying to replicate or copycat this site and it’s important that you know which of these is which. I’ll cover the fakes first briefly…


This is an escort site that’s connected to Bedpage, this escort site is the worst of them all. It’s literally nothing but a scummy way to redirect all the people looking for the real mega personal to this one.

There objective is simple, get your credit card – that’s it. Basically, every single link that you click here leads to a really bad escort experience that you want to avoid entirely!

Let’s get to the official site…
normal guys meet girls banner


The next on the list is Megapersonals EU. This site is using the brand on a .EU domain to show that they are the official site. Which is probably the perfect time to get right into things covering the features.

Site Features

There are some features that you need to know about on Mega Personals. I’ll cover the most popular ones today right here for you.

Please know that these can change at any point in time. The site is worked on by the dev team regularly, so you’ll want to understand that improvements may come along.

Various Filter Options

This platform has various filter options to allow you to search for people based on the qualities you’re looking for. Once you’ve seen what they offer, you might want to check it out.

Login / Reset Password

It’s super easy to log in and reset your password within this site. If you ever lose or forget your password, then you can go ahead and easily figure out how to get access to your account once again. An easy, simple, but much-needed feature.

Fraud Bot

megapersonals sites

The site has a fraud bot that triggers when there is potential trickery here within the platform. Let me share what you’ll see if something goes wrong and someone gets banned from the Mega Personal Personals Classifieds site.

See the image below and it explains best what the scammers are doing on this site and around the site. Things like megaparsenols.com are pretty annoying but knowing what to avoid is all you need to know.

Company Info

Who owns MegaPersonals.eu? Here is all the company info you need to know:

Sfanti Grup Solutions SRL
50-52 Strada Buzesti, Etaj 11, Suite 17
Bucuresti 1, 011015, Romania
registrul comertului J40/1732/2019
VAT#: RO 40622070

How To Create A Mega Personal Account

megapersonals warning page

Creating an account is literally the easiest thing that you will ever do. The first step is to confirm that you meet all the requirements of the site, mainly the fact that you’re at least 19 years of age or older. Click the “I Agree” button and you will be redirected to the main page.

Next, choose your location. You can choose between the United States, Canada, Europe, and Oceania. I of course chose the United States. Then you need to select your city, which I did.

mega personals main page

You’ll then need to choose what you’re looking for in terms of a partner. I dove right into the W Seek M listings since that’s the ads for women seeking men.

That’s all there is to it!

How To Change Your Mega Personal Category

Changing your Mega Personals category is super easy. All you need to do is login and select the category that you want to switch to and that’s it. Simple as that really.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a login to use MegaPersonals? 

At a minimum, you will need to agree to the terms and conditions to use the site. You will need to login if you wish to post an ad or profile on the site.

What is the Mega Personal Dating apk?

This may sound strange but there is no apk app for Mega Personal. You don’t need to know anything other than the fact that the website is accessible via any device.

What options does Mega Personal Dating give users?

There are lots of options here. You’ll need to reach out to customer support to get a full list of all the options that they have for people looking to hook up.

What devices and operating systems can I access the Mega Personal Dating network with? 

You can access things with a Mac or Windows machine as well as any device such as an iPhone, Android, or even Firestick.

Some Additional But Important Comments

Here are just a few other things that I need you to know before using this site.

The Tinder Feature

If you’re looking for the infamous swiping Tinder feature, you’re not going to find it here. I feel that’s important to understand before committing to using a hookup app.

Simple user interface

The Mega Personals site interface is as simple as it gets. Perhaps too simple and something that you should consider when thinking about joining. Do you need more? Maybe. That’s your decision to make.

Personal Dating App Doesn’t Exist

Okay, time to come clean 100% here and front and center. The personal dating app for MegaPersonal doesn’t exist. There has never been an official app and you’ll never find it on any legit APK site. If you do, just ignore it because it’s fake.

Watch Out For Fake Profiles

You will want to look closely and verify that the profiles are not fake. I don’t know, some of them look a bit suspect to me. I would just be careful here and take what you see and read with a grain of salt.

Don’t Or Text Call Girls

Okay, so this one is SUPER important. I suggest that you don’t text or call girls that leave their numbers open for public viewing. Why? Because it’s possible that some of them are not legit. Sure, there are some legit profiles and girls that mean well, but you must keep your guard up always on a site like this.

High-Quality Video

Okay, this is pretty cool. They do have videos available for viewing for free. This means you can check out the girls you’re looking to have sex with via video before actually meeting them. These are recorded videos, but better than most sites that only have static pics available.

Conclusion: My Final Thoughts On Mega Personals

Okay, so y final thought on Mega Personal is quite simple. I believe that there is a better site that will definitely guarantee you a hookup even more than MegaPersonals.eu. This too has a free registration option and smoking hot girls. What’s even better is that none of the girls will ever ask you for money. They will ask for cash on MegaPersonals.eu, so bring your wallet if you’re convinced it’s the best.

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