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Megahookup.com Review: Another Crappy Site To Avoid?!?! Find Out Why!

If you have been to as many fraudulent dating sites as I have, you wouldn’t even think twice about skipping MegaHookup.com. I could tell from the moment I arrived on the first page that it was part of a network I have seen many times before.

They all have a collage of pictures in the background, a simple layout with the same questions and the same tactics to take your money without giving you the opportunity to hook up with anyone.

They claim to be a free dating site and site where you can hook up and have casual sex with women in your area, but it’s all just a front. Check out my full review below and I will let you know exactly why this is not a legit site and why you should look elsewhere for a hookup.

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megahookup dating scam review

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My Personal Opinion And Experience Using Megahookup.com (Review)

In my opinion, MegaHookup.com and all the sites like it are among the worst in the online dating world. They go so far as to take a lot of extra money from you besides their expensive membership price.

There are tons of cute girls that contact you who look like models and they are dying to send you revealing pictures and hook up with you. This would be amazing if you could hook up with these girls, but you can’t. These girls aren’t even real and, as far as I know, there are no real girls on the site at all.

They also use one of the most obvious and common dishonest tactics that I have seen on countless bogus dating sites. Right in their Terms and Conditions section, you will find that they use something called Love Stars.

If you ever see the term Love Stars on a dating site, run the other way. This is the name that they give to the fake profiles that they create and the fake computer automated messages that they send. This isn’t even the worst of their deceptions.

They claim to be free, but they ask for your credit card info for age verification. This is when you are charged an expensive membership rate, but that’s not all.

They also charge you for two porn sites for a grand total of well over $100 a month. Read my personal experience below and you’ll see why I didn’t get far enough to be robbed like this.

What Happened

MegaHookup.com is one of the few dating sites that I have reviewed that I didn’t end up signing up for. I often need proof. There were just too many warning signs before I got to the membership process.

I became immediately suspicious when I saw the layout because I have seen it on many sites that turned out to be fraudulent. I signed up and created a profile and realized that there were supposedly hundreds of women in my area who looked like models. Another warning sign.

Then I got the next warning sign which was an inbox full of messages from women who looked like models. This is when I read their Terms in detail. Hidden in the text I found the term Love Stars.

That was all the warning I needed. Love Stars is a term I have seen countless times and they clearly state that these are fictitious models and bots who contact you to stimulate participation. This means that they reserve the right to fool you with fake profiles and computer automated messages which is pretty much all that’s on the site.

This is when I decided to do a search and find more info. That’s when I found that they not only charge you a price that is higher than most dating sites; they also try to sneak in charges for two porn sites. This was more than enough evidence for me to stay away and you should too. They are completely fake.

Pricing – Too Much

As mentioned before; MegaHookup.com is more expensive than most dating sites I have encountered. Their monthly price for a Gold membership is $49.95.

On top of this charge, they also charge you $39.61 a month for a subscription to VibeVideo.com and charge $28.87 for a subscription to VideoErotic.com.

That’s a lot of money for a service that doesn’t even offer real human interaction.

Company Info

Wanna reach out to speak with the company? Give them a call or email them today!

1 Mitsi Building 1
1st floor
Office 4 Plateia Eleftherias
Nicosia Cyprus 1060



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Conclusion: Do Not Join MegaHookup.com Because It Likely Will Not Lead To Sex

MegaHookup.com isn’t a good dating site. It is to be avoided at all costs. They have the same fraudulent practices as any other fake dating site and even use the notorious term Love Stars.

On top of that, they sneak in extra charges for porn sites. I would not go near this site or any others like it. You should only be using these apps and sites listed here.

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