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MegaBBW Review: No Real Big Women, Just A Waste Of Time

Conclusion upfront: Find out what I think about the MegaBBW.com website. I do not like fake profiles and this is filled with tons of fakes. My advice to you would be to avoid this MegaBBW.com website and instead use something else. They have too many fake profiles on the site. You will not be hooking up with BBWs here.

Some people in this world love big women. They even go for the mega BBWs which means they big beautiful women. While I have a love for busty women, I am not a fatty chaser or a plumper lover.

When it comes to plumpers, I typically do the plumper pass and that doesn’t make me shallow or picky, it’s just my taste. Now, for the readers who emailed me asking to cover the Mega BBW site, I’ve done that for you today. Here’s my review of MegaBBW.com and what you must know to learn about the site.

MegaBBW homepage

My MegaBBW.com Review Tells It All

Stay focused here now; this delivers big time here and might even save you money!

I’ll kick things off by being politically correct in saying that everyone has their preferred type of woman they enjoy spending time with. Some people like their ladies super slim and other men enjoy a little meat on the bones.

If you are in the latter camp, you might be tempted to try out MegaBbw.com, a dating site that supposedly caters to men who enjoy larger ladies. I say supposedly for a reason, so keep reading if you’d like to find out why I think MegaBbw.com is a complete waste of your time if you’re a chub lover.

Issue #1 – Bad Marketing/Landing Page

The first issue I have with MegaBbw.com is their landing page. I don’t know where this site got their definition of what a mega BBW is, but the collage of women they are using is nowhere near women I would consider mega BBWs.

These are big-boobed curvy girls at best and don’t truly represent what someone looking for a BBW might be looking for. However, this isn’t the biggest issue I have with MegaBbw.com, especially since you’re never going to meet anyone, chubby, fat, BBW, or otherwise.

Issue #2 – They Want Your Credit Card

Joining MegaBbw.com is supposedly free. Although, when you do start to make a profile, you will be prompted to enter in your credit card account number. The site claims that they do this to verify your age to make sure you’re over 18. There are certainly other ways to go about doing that, none of which involves giving up the numbers on your credit card. What MegaBbw.com does with this information is charge you.

If you don’t pay attention, when you create your account you are giving the parent company permission to charge your credit card for a trial of their Gold Membership at $49.95 a month and a trial membership to two paid porn sites, VibeVideo.com at $39.61 a month, and VideoErotic.com at $28.87 a month. If you do not cancel these memberships before the trial is up, MegaBbw.com will continue to charge you over $118.00 a month whether you use the services or not.

Issues #3 – Fake Profiles

Shady memberships aren’t the only negatives to MegaBbw.com. I have a strong dislike of fakes and this site is full of them.

First, MegaBbw.com utilizes Love Stars to make its site seem like it is full of women looking to get laid. The profiles aren’t real, though. The pictures are all stolen from other places and the profile information is completely fabricated.

They do this to make the “woman” seem interesting and fun. She will pretend to be interested in you, but in reality, she is just there to try and keep you talking, thus paying more. Oh, and she might either be a bot or a paid employee, so there is even the chance she isn’t a she at all.

Issue #4 – Bot Messaging

Bot messaging is another huge problem I have with any dating site. Before you’ve even finished your profile, you’re going to be hit with a bunch of messages from these hot women.

The question I have is how are sexy women interested in someone’s profile when it is super basic and doesn’t even have a picture?

Oh, and if you want to respond to any message on MegaBbw.com, remember that you can’t do it unless you’ve got an upgraded membership. The only thing you can see on one of these messages is the subject line and you cannot respond back.

Issue #5 – Fake Video Messaging, Ugh WTF

If the fake messages weren’t enough, MegaBbw.com also uses the second line of deceit that is even worse: fake video chats. When you’ve finished your profile, you’ll notice a little IM window popping up.

It is another sexy woman who seems to be trying to talk to you and responding to what you’re writing…to a point.

Eventually, the scam is revealed when you are prompted to upgrade your membership to video chat. These are completely recorded cams and the women are not ready to talk to you. It is just another tactic to get you to pay more.

Conclusion: MegaBBW.com Is A Massive Fail In My Eyes

I’m not too fond of anything that claims to be free and then charges you. MegaBbw.com is just another dating site to add to the list of sites that are a complete rip-off and a total waste of time.

If you are looking to hook up with a real, sexy plump woman, you will never find her on MegaBbw.com. Instead, you’re going to find fake, fabricated profiles, a boatload of fake messages, and prompt after prompt to upgrade to an expensive, useless membership.

Looking for other fakes to steer clear of? No problem, you’ll want to stay far away from the Megahookup.com and MegaFuckbook.com websites. They do nothing for you, end of the story.

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