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Mega Fuck Book Review

Ever heard of Mega Fuck Book? Regardless, I want you to read this before taking any action on the site. Why? Well, this may or may not be the mega fuck site that you think. According to the creators, Mega Fuck Book is a free sex date website that claims to provide free dating for life. They tempt you by running an amateur video on a loop on the homepage. It’s of a cute blonde shaking her boobs around then taking her shirt off.

Sure, it’s a hot little video, but you are not likely to have this experience when you use the site. For starters, they don’t even live up to their promise of being free and you most likely won’t be hooking up with any real women either. Check out my full site review below where I share exactly how I came to that conclusion. It’s all right there below..

Mega Fuck Book Review

My Mega Fuck Book Review (Is It Worth Your Money?)

Here’s my honest review on this Mega Fuck Book website. I’m going to dive right into it all right away. Let’s get started…right after you indicate what you are there for and you’ve confirmed your zip code, you are taken to a page to supply your display name, password, e-mail, and birthday.

Love Stars And The Blonde Girl

The blonde that took her shirt off on the first page is taking the rest of her clothes off on this page and tempting you to keep clicking further inside. My eyes were so focused on the blonde, I almost didn’t notice what I read when clicking the box to agree to their terms of service. It says that you are agreeing to the site using “Love Stars.” In my book, that’s a big no. If you have ever used dating sites, you know that you should avoid any that use Love Stars. This is a term that many dating sites use to describe the fake profiles that they create.

Rest Of The Signup Process

The next part of the sign-up process is completing your profile. All you have to do is create a profile tagline, a short description, and share some details about your marital status and body type. Guess what, at this point, that blonde is back in the background, now completely nude, showing you her ass, and blowing you kisses. I must say, this is a genius method to get you inside, even if nothing happens for you.

Age Verification Necessary

This is where the fun stops and they make it so obvious they are not legit that it made me angry. On the previous page, they tell you in big letters that you do not have to enter your credit card info to access the site. Before you even finish signing in, you are taken to a page where you must enter your credit card info. They claim that it’s for age verification purposes, but they literally just told you that they would not ask for it.

What Have We Learned?

Let’s go over what we have seen so far, and we are not even inside yet. The main page makes the claim that the site is completely free for life. They make another claim that they do not ask for your credit card info, then they do. You get inside and you realize that it’s not even free. By entering your credit card info, you are signed up for a page called HardcoreBabesxxx.com, which is just a standard porn site. Plus, you must pay for a membership to access all the features where you never even talk to a real person. They don’t give you a whole lot of reasons to visit besides the hot blonde on the opening pages.

Becoming A Premium Member (Cost Involved)

To become a premium member of Mega Fuck Book, you must pay at least $2.97 for a 3-day trial. During those 3 days, you spend all your time trying to figure out if all the women you are messaging are real or not and none of them are. You get charged for a full month at the end of your trial without warning. The monthly charge is $29.95. You can save money by paying for 90 days at $74.85 or 180 days at $119.70. No matter which plans you purchase, you are automatically charged at the end of every billing cycle.

Conclusion: Mega Fuck Book Isn’t Worth Joining

Here’s everything that you need to know about Mega Fuck Book. First, I’m going to tell you is to not believe the fancy social media type layout. You also should not believe all the fake messages that you receive from the Love Stars. My point is simple, Mega Fuck Book was created to make money for the company and take advantage of horny that have no idea how these sites work. If you can spot a fake site, then you’re better off than most! I mean, sure, mainstream sites like POF totally suck, but this is much worse for many reasons.

If you’re looking for the original Fuckbook site, then I strongly suggest you check this out. I promise that this one does work well and that you’ll have a great time using it.

As for other dating websites that work, you should check out the list below of all the sites. These are all top sites that I’ve joined which I use regularly.

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