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Meetmesexy.com Review – Read The Terms To Avoid “Staff Profiles”

Going to kick things off by disclosing something to you. When I came across the Meetmesexy.com website, the first thing I thought was I need to review this site before I do anything else. That said, I’m joining this site for a month. Guess what, I did just that and I’m here to share my experience a month later.

There are more casual sex dating sites than you can count and MeetMeSexy.com is one of the many. Sure, they want you to think that they are the best online dating website out there. If you’re looking to meet single women, then they want you to pick them. Many of the sites and hookup apps today make the same claim but very few actually deliver. After trying this one out for myself, I now see that this is one of the latter.

meetmesexy.com site review

My Feelings On MeetMeSexy.com (As Detailed As Possible)

I’ll start with the look and feel of the site. The presentation is okay at first, but it doesn’t take long until you start seeing many of the same methods you see on any other “half ass” dating site. I’m about to share the most detailed review I can right now so keep reading. I will let you know what they do, why they do it, and exactly what happened once I signed into the site. I, of course, began by looking for single girls in my area.

The main page is attractive enough with a photo of a pretty blue-eyed model playing with her hair. I didn’t see any warning signs on this page, so I continued inside. They claim that women can message men for free, so I saw potential because of the added incentive for women to use the site. To sign up for free, you just enter your sex, age, e-mail address, password, and zip code.

After this, your profile is already created. All you have to do is enter the activation code that is sent to your e-mail. Be sure to check your spam folder for this code because that is likely where it will go. Before you continue, you must enter a screen name, status, who you are looking for, their age, and location.

When you sign in, the first page has a gallery of profiles with an option at the top left to send out a flirty message to a lot of members at the same time. You can either send the one they suggest for you or write you own. This was a decent feature, so I held out hope that I was going to be able to find some real women. You can sort the profiles by photo quality, last activity, distance, and age. This is when I saw the first thing that I didn’t like. Most of the profiles I clicked on said that the woman was away. I didn’t notice at first that there was a dot next to their profile to indicate that they were away. This is not indicated anywhere.

The next thing that happened was typical of bogus dating sites. First, I began receiving multiple messages from beautiful women. This almost never happens right away, on any dating site, unless it is fake. I tried to read these messages and I was told that I had to upgrade to read. I appreciated that I could browse and receive messages for free, but all the messages I received ended up being fake. They try to make it appear as if the site is cheap by breaking down their membership packages by cost per day.

They tell you that a 3-day trial is $0.99 a day and that comes out to $2.97. At the end of those 3 days, you will be automatically charged for a full month. They say that the monthly charge is $0.91 a day and that comes out to $27.30. If you purchase 3 months, they say it’s 51 cents a day. That comes out to $45.90. The best savings come when you pay for 6 months at 41 cents a day, which comes out to $73.80. Membership was only recently reduced, so I’m not sure if or when the price will go back up.

Conclusion: It’s Definitely Not A Good Site. Too Much Money, No Results.

This Meetmesexy.com site is not the worst dishonest site I have ever joined, but it is still not all that effective. They charge you a high monthly charge for membership, but they don’t give you the features and authentic connections with other singles to make it worth it. They offer only the most basic features and most, if not all, the profiles you search through either say they are away or they are clearly not real.

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