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match.com free trial login and review

Match.com Free Trial Login And My Review After Using It!

One of my most anticipated reviews to write was the Match.com review. Match has quite a reputation with millions of users from all over the world. My question is: If they are so huge, why do they resort to things like using fabricated profiles and using your profile information to create these fake profiles on other sites on their network?

Thanks to these types of practices, you are left wondering if who you are talking to is fake or not. I got my hands on a Match.com free trial. After obtaining my login details, I went to work. The premium site is a bit expensive, so it’s going to cost you a lot to try it out. You end up wasting so much time on fake profiles, you hardly have time to deal with real women that you find from time to time.

Read my full Match.com review below and see what happened when I tried the site myself. I did have some success on Match, but it was after hours of searching and sending messages before I found a “real match.” My dating app review should tell you plenty about Match and better inform you of all the things that the site hides from you. Let’s just say I won’t be closing my other accounts anytime soon!

match free trial login and review
Screenshot of famous Match.com site!

My Personal Match.com Review [Complete Details]

It is one of the most popular and recognizable names in online dating, so I was sure I would have some success when I checked into the famous Match.com. I was rather disappointed when I looked at their terms of service and found that they admit to using fake profiles. They call them “Test profiles” and they use them to test the site’s functionality and to improve the service quality. I find this to be complete bullshit!

All these test profiles do is lead you on to so many dead ends. It’s really hard to have a real experience. Unlike many other free hookup dating apps, you can’t do much at all without paying. Most sites will let you in to look around and even receive messages, but at Match.com, you can’t even look at the user profiles. You damn sure can’t send or respond to any messages either.

The database has a lot of users and who knows how many of them are real. The range of interests and types of people are so varied that it’s hard to find many women of the same type, but at least there are some real people in there that you find from time to time. With a site as large as Match.com, I expected something a lot more than a hit or miss and that is exactly what it ended up being. It’s a relief that there are some real users on the site, but you go through a lot of hassle to get to them.

Personal Experience After Obtaining My Login

After coming up with my Match username, I then began to use the site. Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to go in and look around at Match.com like I usually do before I pay for a membership. This site knows that they are famous enough that many people will not question their practices and pay. I didn’t get many messages initially, but the ones I received did not seem genuine.

Then I performed several detailed searches and ended up contacting about 80 women through the course of the month. I literally spent hours trying to talk to women who turned out to be fake.

The rest of my time was spent talking to about four women that seemed interested. They were pretty, but not models, so I knew that they were real. I had some good conversations, but only one of the girls led to a face to face encounter.

After all the hassle of sifting through the fake profiles and computer generated messages, I finally got one girl to meet with me. We met and got along, but there was no spark. I was happy to get one face to face encounter, but judging by the size of the site, the amount of time I spent on it and the $35 I paid for a month; I should have had many more choices, but all I got was dead ends.

Match.com Features

One thing that Match.com has in spades is features. It has a nice and professional layout. The features are user-friendly. There are many articles and advice columns to help you be successful on the site including the feature called MindFindBind.

It’s a feature from the famous Dr. Phil where he helps you get started in the dating process with advice and tutorials that walk you through it. What I found troubling is that the site does not have chat or instant messaging. A site as large as this with this many features should have something as simple as instant messaging and chat, but they don’t. They rely purely on e-mails.


Match.com is definitely the largest out of all the dating sites I have tried. However, it is still somewhat of a shady site and I certainly had no success. They could probably go legit, but they insist on using dishonest tactics to make extra money.

Instead of relying on the real users to make it an effective dating site, they create fake users. As a result, your experience is much less rewarding and it’s not going to be good at all. Want to join some dating apps that actually work? Look no further my friend! Here’s a rundown of all the top ranked that I’ve been using for years. Go to town my friend!

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