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Lovestruck App and Site Review

I came across the Lovestruck site today and decided to look further into it. The site template looks so basic it’s insane. I had no choice but to investigate things here. Let’s just say I wasn’t struck with love.

I always feel obligated to join a site when I see it and at a very minimum get to the bottom of it and the costs involved. So, I’ll be covering that as well…

Lovestruck Review

Lovestruck Dating Site (Personal Review)

I’ll kick things into gear by telling you a couple of things about this dating site. For starters, I have to say that it’s got a terrible slogan. Honestly, whether it works or not, it’s literally the worst slogan in the world! I mean how attractive is “where busy people click?” Seriously, it was such a turn off that I just couldn’t bring myself to even sign up. However, I took one for the team and joined anyway, just like I’ve done with all these bad dating sites as well.

I should probably cover the cost as well. It’s not super expensive but not worth the money in my opinion.

They have a membership with the following cost structure:

  • 1-month $19
  • 3-months $29
  • 6-months $49

They accept major credit cards as well as Paypal. But slow down buddy, don’t go whipping out your credit card just yet.

Real Photos But Unattractive

I love the fact that they use real photos of members on the homepage, but the photos are not very attractive. I’m from South Florida and the people around my way are smoking hot. Those people in the photos are sloppy at best. Sorry to sound like a dick but it is what it is.

Member ODA WTF?

The site claims to be a Member of ODA Online Dating Association. I’m sure that sounds really impressive to some idiot that doesn’t know his ass from his elbow when it comes to casual dating online, but to people like me, that know what they’re doing don’t give a shit. Let’s be honest, we’re here to get laid and have some fun online. The fact that they are a member of some stupid dating Association doesn’t matter one bit if I can’t hook up.

Registering with Facebook or Reg Form

Lovestruck offers the ability to register with both Facebook and a typical registration form. Look, I’m going, to be honest with you here. If you’re joining any dating site via Facebook, then you’re crazy bro. I went for the typical registration form and it was really easy.

Do They Have Apps?

Yes, they offer users the opportunity to download the Android and iPhone apps. I personally didn’t even bother trying this so I have no idea how it works.

Excess Chargeback Fees

One thing I hate about this LoveStruck site is that they charge users and an additional fee if you attempt to chargeback a charge. To be exact, they charge an extra £75 for any chargeback attempts that occur and are denied. So, they bend you over even more than they’ve already done so. Not cool at all!

Reproducing User Info

One thing that I hate about joining this site is that you must agree that they have full rights to copy your profile and republish the information however they wish.

Your Information Is NOT Private

Check out section 12.2 in the terms and conditions and you’ll quickly learn that none of the content or information that you upload is considered to be private. In fact, you’re essentially giving up your rights to the content when you upload it.

Contact Information

If you want to hit up the company for any reason whatsoever, then you can do so right here using the info I’ve provided below…


020 3287 7761

86-90 Paul Street, London EC2A 4NE

Conclusion: Love Struck Sucks, Pass For Sure

The Lovestruck dating site is definitely a huge waste of time and money. I typically avoid sites that use the term “Love” in their branding as I’m just looking to hook up, but maybe you’re looking for something else. It might not be a scam because they seem to be real users but the site just doesn’t impress me at all and the chargeback fee crap is for the birds.

If you’re looking to just meet someone, bang them, and be on your merry way then you might be in luck! I’ve got just the site for you to join. Give Freehookups a shot and you’ll likely have more fun doing so.

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