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iHookup App Review: Fake Users, Popups, Rebills & More!

I was excited to try out casual sex dating site iHookup for a couple of reasons. I love the name because it’s so simple and it lets everyone know what your intentions are without being overtly sexual. Also, the main page is impressive. It has a professional and modern looking layout and you are beckoned to create a free account. I am skeptical of any site that claims to offer a free account, but I continued with my investigation anyway to see if it was a site worth trying.

The moment I clicked to enter the registration process, I started seeing things that showed me that this might not be an honest hookup site. Keep reading and you will see that this is just another site that cannot be trusted. I’ll be honest, I’m a bit disgusted as I write this but I must expose them for the sake of your own wallet.

ihookup app review

iHookup Likely Won’t Help You Actually “Hook Up” (Personal Report)

The splash page might look nice but the registration process is as generic as it gets. At least it’s a fast process. You enter your sex, age, what type of encounter you are looking for, username, password, e-mail address, date of birth, and zip code. I started to click on “Create My Free Account” because I was in a rush to get inside. I quickly decided to read the paragraph above it, like I usually do.

I’m glad I did because this is where I found the term “Sweethearts.” The paragraph says that you are agreeing to receive updates from them. I had an idea what they meant by Sweethearts, so I clicked on the term and was taken to section K of their terms and conditions titled, “For Entertainment Purposes.” This says that these Sweethearts are fantasy profiles that do not correspond to actual members. They claim to use them for your personal enjoyment and entertainment. Never trust a site that admits to fooling you with fake profiles. Other common terms to describe these fake profiles are Fantasy Cuties or Online Cupids. Sites like iHeartbreaker and MilfsHookup use the same terminology.

Oh, I also realized another thing about their profiles. They weren’t just fake profile photos that they stole off other sites on their network. They also use some online models and even porn stars and try to pass them off as real members. I’m sure they realize that this doesn’t fool the seasoned online dating user. This is set up to snag the people who do not know how to recognize when a site is being dishonest. You should always investigate a site thoroughly when you are giving them your personal and financial information. This site hopes that you do not because you will see right through their scamming practices if you take the time look close enough.

The moment I signed in, the site HookupCam.com popped up full screen. It’s not enough that they take your money. They also hinder your experience with pop-up ads. I was trying to fill out my iHookup profile information and a pop-up for Free Live Webcams pops up in the corner, directly in front of where I was trying to enter information. Every time you move to a different page on the site, you are hit with multiple ads and some of them almost completely block the site window. There are some sorting options for the profiles, but very few. You can sort them by distance, age range, what they are interested in, relationship status, ethnicity, and body type. They are presented in a single column displaying only their age and location and the option to like them, message them, or flirt with them.

I browsed the iHookup profiles and sent flirts for free, but I wasn’t surprised when I received a message from a cute girl before I even uploaded a photo and I was told that I had to upgrade before I could read messages. There are Silver and Gold memberships available. Silver gives you 50 e-mails a day, 30-day message storage, and default matching. Gold gets you 200 e-mails a day, 1-year message storage, and priority matching. For the Silver plan; the 2-day trial is $7.98, $29.99 a month, $59.97 for 3 months, and $107.88 for a year. The Gold plan costs $9.98 for a 2-day trial, $34.99 a month, $68.97 for 3 months, and $119.88 for a year.

The bottom line is that iHookup is nothing more than a site trying to utilize technology to portray a larger dating database. The company wants you to upgrade your membership and pay money to communicate with women. This injunction with the use of fake profiles is why I don’t think anyone will ever hook up using this. Stay far away from this site and any other sites that the company might operate.

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