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Humpdate.com Site Review: Will It Help You Hump More? I Think Not!

Landing on the Humpdate.com site was actually on a whim while I was searching for some new dating networks. I’ve never come across a site and completely passed on it. Why? Because I feel like it’s a challenge for me to try new things and attempt to hook up by meeting people online. Let me dive right into things and give you an idea as to what Hump Date is all about. I hate to say it but you’re not going to like what I have to say about this dating site. In simple terms, looks can be very deceiving!

humpdate review

My Complete Review of Humpdate.com

Who doesn’t want to go on a date and bang? Basically, that’s the motive of nearly every single person using a casual dating website today. When I first cam across Humpdate.com I paid no mind to the minor details. Instead, I simply went ahead and signed up for the site. Registering as a user was simple and I did it all for free.

Truth is, I should have done my homework and learned more about the site before diving right in. One thing that I completely missed was the fact that this is connected to LocalMilfSelfies.com. I was under the impression that I was joining HumpDate when I was joining a completely different website. The kicker was that the URL read as “http://www.humpdate.com/” which is why I was thrown off here. Soon as I realized I was scammed I thought to myself, “WTF just happened here!”

Landing On The Homepage

If you take the time to examine the homepage you’ll quickly realize that there’s a bogus registration timer that’s counting down on the site. It’s completely fake. You’ll also notice that the landing page shows a ton of women taking selfies topless. Sure, they’re all hot but are they really members?

Most likely not.

You’ll also notice that the logo at the top is the LocalMilfSelfies logo. There are some other things like the terms and member details that I’ll dive into right now. But first, let me cover the registration process.

Registering on HumpDate

Joining HumpDate.com is pretty simple. All you need to do is provide a username of your choice, password, and email address. Then you just click the big blue “Finish Signup” button and you’re good to go. Once you’ve validated your account, you’re able to browse the profiles. However, you may find it difficult to get your account validated if you use a Gmail or Hotmail account. These email providers have blacklisted the domain and they end up in your spam folder or don’t deliver the email at all. Don’t worry about that though, you won’t be joining anyway once I’m done.

As soon as you do get into the members are (if you decide to join) you’ll quickly realize that you’ve been taken for a ride here. The site you’re joining is not Humpdate but instead Localmilfselfies. Congrats my friend, you’ve officially had the wool pulled over your eyes.

The Upgrade Bait Tactic In Place

I hate to say it but this site feeds you the same bait that most other fake sites do to get your credit card info. Upon joining, they’ll immediately send you to a few other sites to get you to join them as well. Don’t do that though!

Another thing they’ll do is send you messages from fake profiles. Yes, you read that right. Humpdate uses fake profiles to entice users to upgrade their membership to paid status. You’ll never get laid if you upgrade on here so don’t even think about it. It’s just another one of the many scam dating tactics out there today.

The Costs

I’ll cover the costs for shits and giggles I guess. If you’re curious how much the premium membership costs, it’s cheap but a waste of cash. Depending on the membership offer that you choose, it can cost you anywhere from $2.97 for a trial to $29.95 a month. If you do upgrade and you want to cancel, it’s an absolute bitch to get that accomplished. They stop at nothing to keep that card rebilling.

Conclusion: HumpDate Will Not Help You Hump. They Screw You Out of Money.

Assuming that you’ve read this entire review, you know what Humpdate does to get you money. All those fake profiles and redirects are not going to help you get laid. It’s really that simple and I hate to sugarcoat things so I won’t. The bottom line is that this site absolutely sucks, so do not join it!

If you’re looking for adult dating sites that actually work, then I’ve got a few suggestions for you. My advice would be to look towards those that have mobile apps which allow you to stay connected at all times within the network. I’m currently using all the apps listed here – Click here to check them out.

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