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Hot or Not Website Is Nothing But A Fraud And Scam

I decided to check out the Hot Or Not website and hookup app to see what it had to offer. It’s not new but I had never heard of it. I thought it might be a good way to connect with girls that I liked in my area and seemed kind of cutting edge or at least different from what I’m accustomed to using. The game that you play on the site seems like it would be a good icebreaker. I eventually found out that it’s just another shitty dating site that uses tactics to get more money out of you and never offers any good results.

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A Summary of How You Get Scammed Using Hot or Not

Hot or Not appeared to be a lot of fun and honestly, it was at first. The site was pretty entertaining for a couple of reasons.

For starters, you can sort through a lot of girls and indicate yes if you think the girl is hot and no if you don’t. You can also play a matchmaking game called Encounters where the site pairs you up with other members based on information you’ve shared in your profile.

Site Appearance

It’s all about appearance on sites like this. They work hard to make it appear like a legit site, but they are making you jump through hoops and never intend on getting you laid. They did find a fun and interactive way to do it but they are wasting their idea by focusing only on making money.

It’s an investment to create an effective hookup site and Hot or Not figured that their investment was better spent on fake profiles and software that sends you automated messages to prompt you to pay for the app versus attracting real users.

Lots of Money Spent

Hot or Not also spent a lot of money on marketing to get its name out there because it is a popular site and app. As fun as it is, it’s just not an effective way to hook up online.

I was ignored by more girls than anything more of a problem than the spam and fake profiles. This means that I could have possibly just had horrible luck, but I don’t think so.

Horrible Fake Messages

Every time I have been on a legit hookup site, I have had luck with at least talking to a few girls. There were no girls to be found here.

None that would talk to me anyway. I don’t think I got one response from any girls that I sent a message to that made any sense. I would ask them something or talk about a certain topic and their response would be about something completely different.

Phone Calls

I probably could have had a couple of phone conversations with girls that I interacted with, but I would have had to pay a lot of money for it.

The only girls that I interacted with on Hot or Not that seemed real were the ones that were trying to get me to pay to talk to them or pay to look at their webcam.

Every time I turned around it seemed I was being solicited. I never felt like I was ever even close to getting a real date.

Free To Play, Expensive To Be Seen

To get a VIP or premium membership, you have to pay $99 a month. Wow, I don’t know about you but that’s fucking steep.

All the $100 will get you is a simple promise to match you with the hottest people on the site. It will also guarantee you top placement in the searches in your current local city, and a few other features that you may or may not give a fuck about.

Honestly, the cost was too much for me to be willing to test it out. The secret of this site is to make you think you are doing a lot for free when you get nothing for free.

The only way I see anyone getting laid on this site is if they spend $99 a month to become a premium member. For that price, you can join three other great dating sites instead of just one.

First Meeting

It was a joke to think that I would ever meet anyone from Hot or Not. I’m not sure if there is more potential once you purchase the $ 99-a-month premium status, but if you have the money to try that out on an app with a bunch of fake profiles then you are braver than me. I rather join a site where I know I’m going to meet someone.

FAQ Section

Before I share my final conclusions about this dating website, I need to share some of the questions that people ask me about this site. Here are the most popular questions that people ask. If you think my response is rude or insensitive, I apologize in advance. Not really, but fuck yourself!

Is hot or not the best dating site on the Internet? I’m going to give you a solid “fuck no” here! Honestly, the hot or not websites aren’t even close to being a top-ranking dating site. It’s not even in the same weight class as the rest. For those of you who continue to email me asking questions about this site, I suggest you stop. Join one of the others below instead.

Are there other apps out there like hot or not? Yes, there are plenty of apps that exist for both iPhone and Android that exist with the main purpose of giving individuals the ability to rate local people based on their looks. Some of the dating apps out there have special features that allow you to rate girls and guys on the website or app. Honestly, this is nothing special in the online dating world.

What’s your favorite site for viewing nude hot or not pics? My favorite site and app to use to view nude pics is fling. It’s a site that has an awesome hotness rating and the flame logo screams “rate users” all day long! Truth is, I use quite a few of these hot or not pic rating sites. I really can’t single out any of them but the one I just spoke about is pretty awesome.

Am I hot or not? Listen loud and clear. If you send me a picture of yourself asking me if you are hot then you should automatically assume that I think you’re ugly as fuck! I don’t want you to send me pictures of yourself, your dick, or anything like that. If you have a hot body, a fantastic face, and a cute pussy, send them my way. Unless you meet the criteria, I’m going to tell you that you’re not hot!

Conclusion: Hot Or Not Website Is A “Not” When It Comes To Joining

Hot Or Not was cool to mess around with for a bit, but nothing ever came about from my time spent using the dating app. You have to purchase additional credits just to get your profile seen or to get featured on the app.

If I would have had some type of success talking to a real girl, maybe I would have taken a chance and purchased some credits.

Unfortunately, Hot or Not is just a new and cutting-edge way to fool you into investing money into your dating life with no promise of results.

Sure, play the game for free but don’t waste your money on joining this poor excuse of a dating site. Join one that will get you laid instead.

What sites are worth spending money on to meet girls?

At this point, I’ve probably wasted close to $8,000 on Internet dating over the years. Not all of it was a waste, though. Had I joined the best first then I would’ve saved thousands. Here’s a list of those that are worth spending money on…

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