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hornyaffairs review

HornyAffairs Review: A Cheating Site That Cheats It’s Users?

Conclusion: HornyAffairs.com will cheat you out of your time and money. Do not bother using this site as it’s not one that I recommend using. There are too many red flags here to consider using. For that reason alone, my Horny Affairs review is a must-read.

Not going to waste too much time feeding you a bunch of bologna about HornyAffairs. I could sit here and say that it’s the best affair hookup site on the planet, but that wouldn’t be entirely truthful. Sure, there is a growing trend among dating sites that don’t seem to have an end in sight. That trend is connecting horny married people that cheat on their spouses.

HornyAffairs claims to be one of these sites and they claim to have over a million members online and looking to cheat. After trying the site for myself, I sincerely doubt that they have real members. This is just another fake site trying to pass itself off as real and possibly get your credit card number in their possession. Just read my full review below and you’ll know exactly why.

hornyaffairs review

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My HornyAffairs Websites Investigation (The Nitty Gritty Details)

I’m not wasting any time here and getting right down to the details. I’ll start by sharing my opinion on the visuals, then the shady signup form, billing, and finally the profiles. Here goes nothing…

Site Signup and Profile Completing Process

They make the site look real by giving it a simple look with amateur-looking pictures. It is not impressive to look at, but they are not going for simplicity here.

They just want you to think that it is real so you will be fooled by their marketing tactics. After entering your e-mail and password, you are taken directly to the member’s area where you can start browsing.

All you have to do is indicate whether you are a man or a woman and which gender you are interested in meeting. Uploading a photo is optional, but you must type at least five words in your description.

You begin on your page where you can choose to view who’s online now or profiles that you might like. The main section of the page is a news feed similar to social media.

Main Reason To Avoid It All

If you want to know the main reason that you should avoid this site, all you have to do is go to the main page. Look just below the box where they require your e-mail, password, and birthday. You have to check this specific box and agree to their terms before you can sign in.

Right there, in small lettering, it tells you that you will receive communications from computer-generated virtual profiles targeted to you and your specific interests.

If you know anything about dating sites, you likely understand that this is a sign to hit the back button immediately. Quite frankly, in my humble opinion, any real dating website does not need to create fake profiles.

They also have no reason to send you automatic messages as if they’re real females on the site. Pardon my French, but that’s absolute bullshit!

Using HornyAffairs & Pricing

You can sign in, browse, search, and view profiles for free. When you find a girl and try to message her, you will soon find out that it’s not entirely free.

You are not allowed to message anyone until you pay for a membership. The standard monthly membership price is $29.95 and you are automatically charged every month after that until you cancel.

If you want to join for an extended period, you get a discount. You’ll get a 30% discount by paying $59.95 for 3 months. This charge turns out to be $19.98 a month, but for what exactly?

You get a 40% discount by paying $99.95 for 6 months, which turns out to be $16.66 a month. Again, you’re paying for fake messaging. The monthly charge is a little on the expensive side. Especially since this is not an effective affair dating site, you’ll want to cancel within days of joining.

It’s a bit ironic that HornyAffairs.com is a cheating site that tries to cheat you into paying for it. They don’t offer an authentic experience in return for your money so why pay for it? The company behind this site is part of a network that I simply can’t vouch for providing any real connections.

Fake Profiles

This site admits to having fake profiles. It’s all on their terms before signing in. That’s pretty much the most of what you will find when you get inside this site. You can confirm this by reading their terms and conditions. Do that before giving them your financial information.

They tell you right there that they generate and respond to messages with automated programs to stimulate communication. They also admit that they pay their employees to interact with you.

A cheating site where you cannot trust that you’re talking to a real person is a cheating site you should avoid. I hate to say it but if you want to chat with some fake people, then you’re better off just heading over to Backpage and paying for it that way.

Conclusion: HornyAffairs.com Review Reveal It Cheats Users

If you’re looking to meet horny locals, then you’re not going to get anywhere using this site. You are better off trying Bang Horny Milfs instead. HornyAffairs.com has lost all my respect and trust based on the way that they do business. I don’t know a single person out there who’s had success using this website.

I guess that leaves you still horny and without someone to bang right? WRONG! I’ve got several sites that I highly recommend you join. All you need to do is check out the sites listed below. Join one or two max and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

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