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GetNaughty.com: Site Operators Create Fake Profiles To Earn More Money

Someone recently emailed me a simple question: Is get naughty a scam? Therefore, I decided to come out and share my opinion. It’s not common for me to do this I’m going just come out and say it. The Get Naughty dating site didn’t work for me. The site did not work for a couple of reasons listed below:

Fake girls, fake messages, and a waste of cash!

Now, I have been using quite a few dating and hookup sites over the years. I have seen so many scammy dating sites that I have a checklist that I run through before I sign in. I was excited about GetNaughty.com at first.

They passed my first few tests and things were looking promising. When I got inside and took a good look around, I realized that, while they are better than some sites at hiding it, they are still not a genuine site where you can meet real people.

It’s just another site that wants to take your money while giving you nothing in return. I give them props for putting a little more effort into the presentation, but your experience still never goes anywhere.

Check out my full review below and see what I found out about Get Naughty. Hopefully, this will expose the site for what it really is and you won’t have to waste a lot of time like I did before you find out that it’s not a genuine site.

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get naughty dating site

My Get Naughty Dating Site Review And Why I Hate It

After trying out the hookup site GetNaughty.com, I think they should change their name to sneaky. Many fraudulent dating sites tell you about their unscrupulous practices in their terms and conditions section, but this site even tries to fool you there. This is the first place I looked before I signed in.

I was pleased (at first) to find the paragraph that said that the site does not create virtual profiles. It says that they do not use fake profiles and they do not use artificial intelligence to contact you. Luckily, I kept reading.

The very next paragraph in their terms and conditions says that they DO create user profiles, but say that they are used by their customer support staff. The excuse they use is that they do this for support, marketing and “improvement of the service.”

They admit that their employees send you messages as an example of what you can expect as a paid member. Then they go on to say that they utilize an automated system to create profiles and communicate with users to enhance your entertainment experience.

What? Didn’t they just say that they did NOT create virtual profiles or use artificial intelligence to contact you? This contradiction told me exactly what this site was all about. I proceeded anyway, for the sake of the review. Read the details of my experience below.

Video Breakdown

Sometimes a written review just doesn’t cut it, which is why I went ahead and recorded this video which breaks down various aspects of the dating network. Instead of bouncing around and checking out other get naughty reviews, I suggest you just read this entire review and watch the video. You’ll find all the proof necessary to make an informed decision on whether or not this site’s worth joining. I literally leave no stone unturned.

My Experience

After reading the troubling terms and conditions, I proceeded to sign up for a free membership to Get Naughty. What happened next was just as I suspected. Within minutes of signing in and creating a simple profile, I started getting messages from women who looked like models.

Next warning sign. Women this gorgeous do not need to use a hookup site. Even if they did, do you really think that so many beautiful women are on this site and dying to talk to you at that moment? Not likely.

I signed up for a membership anyway and responded to these women. Guess what, I was not surprised that none of them responded.

I continued to browse anyway and I actually started talking to a real woman who claimed that she was from my area. I was already suspicious after reading the terms, so I started asking her about the area we lived in.

She knew absolutely nothing about my area and kept sending messages that were clearly stalling me until another month of charges came around. I never talked to any other real women on the site and the one real one was a dead end, so I didn’t bother paying for another month.


If you have ever been to a hookup site, Get Naughty has pretty much the same features as any other generic site with nothing to make it unique. Women message men for free, but who knows if that’s even true. I certainly didn’t encounter any real women during my time on the site.

If you upgrade your membership, you can view some of the webcams which are the only legitimate thing you can do on the site. After all, it’s hard to fake a live person chatting with you on webcam. Unfortunately, the cams don’t make it worth the price of membership. You can go straight to a live cam site for a much cheaper price.

Bottom Line

Get Naughty dating site certainly puts up a good front. The layout is fairly unique and doesn’t look like a generic template. That’s not going to get me laid though. The girls are just too hot and too good to be true.

There are strong contradictions in their terms and they are sneaky about admitting the use fake profiles and messages. I’ve got absolutely no time for any of that nonsense. Instead, I choose to use the sites shown below. They are my top-ranked casual dating services so be sure to check them all out.

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