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FreeLifetimeAffairs.com Review: A Huge Affair Dating Scam?

I became a member of FreeLifetimeAffairs.com and quickly learned that it’s not a good site. Not one that I would ever recommend someone use. I must confirm with you that this website was so bad that it’s officially been shut down!

I would like to start this review by saying that I have a particular problem with sites like FreeLifetimeAffairs.com.  They are one of many dating sites on the internet that are set up as a net to snag people and take their money and they never plan on hooking you up with anyone real at all.

freelifetimeaffairs reviews

My main problem is that they have the nerve to say that they are free and go so far as to say it in their name when they are not free at all. First, they are very expensive.

Also, you get charged for other sites that you did not ask for. I would not even bother considering this site if I were you. I hate seeing people get fooled by a site like this that promises that they are free but charges you 3 to 5 times more than any other dating site.

freelifetimeaffairs site review

Check out my full review below for details about why FreeLifetimeAffairs is not a safe site for you to try and they don’t even have real users. I hope this review will save others from being fooled.

My Review Of FreeLifetimeAffairs.com

When you open the main page of FreeLifetimeAffairs, you see a gorgeous smooth ass staring you right in the face. It’s a video of a girl in a bikini that loops as you sign in. This is a tactic that they use to get you horny and sign up for their service without thinking.

Don’t let this fool you.

This is a popular internet model and many of the profiles on the site feature pictures of internet models as well. That’s because the site is not a genuine hookup site. I knew there was a problem when I clicked on their Terms of Service because the link did not work. Don’t ever sign in to a site without reading their Terms and if the link doesn’t even work, run the other way.

The Terms of Service

Since I could not access their Terms, I investigated a bit and did not like what I found. They try to fool you into entering your credit card info for security reasons. What is horrible is that they charge you for a monthly membership, as well as, memberships to two other porn sites.

Sites that try to fool you like this should be avoided because there is no hope for a genuine experience. This is a sure sign that the site is there to take your money and nothing more.

Personal Dating Experience

I was very careful signing into FreeLifetimeAffairs because I’ve been using dating and hookup sites long enough to know that, when a site makes numerous claims to be free, you better check close for the hidden charges.

I started to use it and the warning signs came quickly. When you first sign in and create your profile, you are prompted to enter your credit card information. They claim it’s for security purposes only, but I knew better.

Credit Cards

A free site will not ask for your credit card information. If they do, you should move on. Anyway, I checked the fine print at the bottom of the page and it was just as I suspected.

When you enter your credit card information, you are agreeing to pay a recurring charge of almost 50 bucks for the site, but that’s not all. You also get a recurring charge for two other porn sites which add up to almost $70. That is over $100 in charges at one time. Now do you see why you cannot afford to mess with FreeLifetimeAffairs.com?

I would normally look farther into a site before writing a review, but I think you will agree that what I uncovered early in the sign-up process was more than enough to justify telling you to get away from this site and never return.

Site Features

There are no features worth mentioning at FreeLifetimeAffairs.com. I have seen this sort of template several times and it’s pretty standard dating site stuff with nothing at all to make it stand out.

This is just a landing page to get you to stop and give your credit card information. They use typical tactics like creating fake profiles and sending you computer-automated messages. Even if the site was free, it would still not be worth your time.

Company Information

Address: Stasinou, 1 Mitsi Building 1, 1st floor, Office 4 Plateia Eleftherias, Nicosia Cyprus 1060

Phone: 877-597-3436

Email Address: cs@freelifetimeaffairs.com

Final Verdict: Do NOT Join FreeLifetimeAffairs, The Claims Are Incorrect

I don’t see how sites like this make any money. Their tactics are so obvious and amateur. Their sad attempt at taking your money is so transparent, that anyone can recognize it’s bogus.

They rely on people who never bother to read the fine print and don’t know the warning signs that it’s fake. I strongly urge you not to be one of those people.

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