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Free2Cheat Review: Passionate Sex With Married Women or Completely Fake?

I don’t normally like to use sites with the word “free” in them. The reason I typically avoid this is that they normally don’t work. It’s often difficult to find someone to hookup with let alone find someone local looking to cheat on their significant other. At any rate, let me share what I know about this local cheating sex site. That said, let’s talk about Free2Cheat.com…

Free2cheat reviews

It’s a dating and hookup site that is supposed to connect you with thousands of married but lonely women in your area. These women are supposedly looking to have sex for free with anyone willing and able. Well, I did a full investigation on the validity of this service, even though my gut feeling was that it was a scam. I felt that it was complete crap from the moment I landed on the site.

One of the things that set off my “skeptical alarm” was the layout. I have seen this exact same layout far too many times. A banner in the top left corner of all these bogus sites reads “100% Free Dating” which is a complete lie. The tactics that this site uses to con you are shameful and they make it easy to recognize for experienced online daters such as myself. It’s because they use the same page layout across all brands and the only thing different is the logo. If you want to join a real free dating site, then check this page out. If not, read my full review to get the scoop on Free2Cheat.

How I Exposed Free2Cheat.com

I navigated through the familiar process of indicating my gender, the gender I wanted to meet, and my birth date. Then, I answered “yes” to whether I am interested in one-night stands and whether I am looking for a discreet encounter. I then get congratulated for being eligible to join and I’m already yawning. Really, I can’t be that special. What a joke this whole process it.

Step 8 is when the first and biggest red flag pops up. I’ll further explain what I’m referring to. Below the boxes where you type in a display name, password, and e-mail is a sentence where you see the term “Love Stars.” This is one of the biggest indications of a fraud that I have seen on the internet.

According to their own terms and conditions document, Love Stars are fake user profiles created by the site to stimulate dialogue with users. This means that the site is filled with fake profiles and all the messages that are sent to you are computer generated. This term is notorious in the online dating world and should always be avoided.

I knew exactly where I was being guided towards. Chances are they were sending me to a page where they ask for credit card info. Oh, but wait, they claim that they will not charge it and they only want your info to verify age details.

Here’s where the cross sales to sites and excessive charges kick in…

I knew right away where to look to find out if I was actually charged. The sad truth is that Free2Cheat banged my credit card way more than I had anticipated. All you have to do is take a look at the fine print.

In the fine print on the right side of the page, you will see that you are upgrading to VIP membership. This means that you are about to be signed up for a 2-day trial promo for the site, a 2-day trial of their mobile access, and a 3-week trial to a site called VideoErotic.com.

That’s not the worst part. After the trial memberships are over, you are automatically charged $49.95, $39.61, and $28.87 without warning. That is over $100 in charges for a site that claims to be 100% free.

These charges are absolutely ridiculous and if you’re willing to shell out cash for dating, then you’re better off joining a premium network that works.

The Bottom Line

The only thing Free2Cheat.com is good for is showcasing the many scam-like tactics of some dating sites out there. It’s a typical point of reference that helps you recognize fraudulent sites on the network. It’s easy to point them out because they all look the same. The only ones falling for this con are beginners who don’t know the warning signs. Now you know what to look for. That said, I’d like to suggest that you spend less time trying to find free dating sites and just join one of the many premium hookup networks that actually work.

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