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Free Wife Hookups: A Cheating Wife’s Marketing Tactic (Must Avoid)

Looking for a hotwife hookups site? Well, I can tell you that this isn’t the one. Free Wife Hookups is a complete scam that will get you if you’re not careful. I did my research, went through the whole process of trying to join, and more. It’s a cheating wife scam site that cares about getting your credit card, nothing more.

Are you the type that likes to meet and cheat? The reason I ask that is quite simple. It’s in our human nature to want to have sex with someone else. I’ll be honest as Abe and tell you that I’m a huge fan of hooking up with the local dirty wife.

You know, the one that runs around town looking for someone to just bang in an instant? That’s the one I’m talking about. Now, given that I do a lot of sex searching online, it only makes sense that I of all people would come across Free Wife Hookups.

But hold up a second…

Before you make any decisions to move forward and have some fun with this site, you’ll want to know what it’s all about. Seeing as though I’m considered to be an expert dating app user, it would only make sense for you to read my review before taking any immediate action!

Free Wife Hookups Review

My Free Wife Hookups Site Review – Don’t Be Fooled

I took a very close look at this website to see what this free cheating wives dating site is all about. Here’s every little detail that I encountered and what you need to know…

Push It To The Limit

Free Wife Hookups taps into your brain to make you believe that doing anything other than signing up within the time limit, will make you miss out on an amazing opportunity to get together with cheating wives. In actuality, nothing could be further from the truth.

When you head to the sign-up page for the first time you’re going to be greeted with three simple questions. These questions are sold as the only things you need to worry about while using the site’s features.

Questions Asked

You’re asked about your age, whether or not you’ve ever had a hookup, and if you’d ever consider having a three-way. It’s all put together to sell you on the idea that you’re always just a few seconds away from having sex when you’re on Free Wife Hookups. On top of this trick, the entire sign-up process is timed.

It’s heavily implied that if you don’t answer the questions before the timer runs out, you’ll never have the opportunity to join again. Therefore, you’ll miss out on all of the cheating wife sex that you could have been having if only your fingers had been able to move a little bit faster to get you inside.

Same Time Every Damn Time

None of this is true and it’s only the first time that they try to trick you. No matter how many times you go to the page you’ll always see the same timer, and be able to sign up. No matter how you answer the three questions, you’ll always get the same result.

The number of women who are available and ready to meet up with you at a moment’s notice, based on your answers, is always the same. It’s all put together to sell you on a lie and convince you that becoming a member is the only reasonable option that anyone would ever go for.

Total Feeder Site

The real problem with this Free Wife Hookups site is that it’s not even real. The URL is nothing more than a feeder site for a completely different dating platform. It’s only one part of a much larger company that tries to scam you from the second that you walk through the door.

No amount of searching on this site will ever lead you to anything that you want, and no amount of money will open up the features that let you hook up with a horny wife. It’s all one big entertainment experience that lacks any kind of entertainment or joy.

No Free Users = No Bueno

Free Wife Hookups has almost no real users on it. They employ people to talk to you and use chatbots to send you messages that you can’t respond to unless you pay for your access. They have nothing to offer anyone except a headache.

As well as the feelings of shame that come along with realizing a company, that’s well known for doing it, has scammed you. The only reason that anyone should ever visit this awful site is to file a report with the Better Business Bureau, to finally get some of these scammers shut down and off of the internet for good.

Conclusion: Free Wife Hookups Sucks

If you’re looking to meet wives who cheat, then your best bet is to leave this site and head on over to one that works. Good news for you, I’ve got a suggestion. Assuming that you want to meet a mature wife willing to hook up and not tell anyone, then try the Milfplay site out.

If you don’t fancy that and you want younger women, then the Fling mobile phone app is where it’s at. Bada boom, bada bing!


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