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Free Snap Milfs Review: Another Snapchat Mature Dating Scam

There are a couple of things that I REALLY LOVE. One of the things is sending nude snaps to college girls and the other is hooking up with milfs. I’m all about doing those two things and if I could, I would do them all day long. Which is why you can imagine how thrilled I was when I came across the Free Snap Milfs website. Actually, I was excited when I came across both Freesnapmilfs.com and SnapMILFs.com, BUT…

I was let down BIG TIME here. Sorry, but no way around it other than venting about my experience using this site. Keep reading to get all the details below.

free snap milfs reviews

My FreeSnapMilfs.com Review – Scam Alert

Here’s exactly why I was so disappointed after investigating Freesnapmilfs.com. Super disgruntled and annoyed to say the least. Nevertheless, I’m sharing it all with you right now.

Ever since legal terms of service were invented, people have been using legal jargon to screw over other people. Such is the case with Free Snap Milfs. If the way the site looks isn’t enough to make you turn away, then a deep dive into their terms of service will be. The site has nothing to offer anyone other than a fantasy, and they have to tell you all about it at the bottom of the page. Don’t feel stupid if you never took the time to check it out, no one ever does. That’s why I do what I do.

No Good Features

Right on the surface, the site is pretty sparse when it comes to features. People can type out updates like some horny, middle-aged version of Facebook. While that’s all well and good for them, it doesn’t do a whole lot of good for you. They can also post videos, which is a cool idea until you realize that the quality is awful and you can barely see anything. This wouldn’t be a big deal if they were free to check out, but they’re not. You have to be a paying member to be able to enjoy terrible video quality. Things are already looking pretty bad.

Never Give Them You Credit Card

In fact, the one thing that you should never do is pay for a subscription here. You’re going to end up spending a whole lot more money than you ever wanted. What Free Snap Milfs does is automatically sign you up for two totally unrelated porn sites after you enter your credit card information. This is the shadiest of shady business tactics and is, unfortunately, becoming much more common.

It’s not a big charge at first because you’re only paying for a short trial. However, if you forget to cancel, or don’t even know that it’s there, you’re going to be out a hundred bucks. It sucks but it’s a sad reality of life that this happens. If the porn sites were any good, to begin with, they wouldn’t have to trick people into signing up for them. It’s just all one big scam wrapped up in a bigger scam, in some weird scamception.

No Real Milfs

What really makes me throw this site into the barrel marked “Hazardous Waste” is the fact that there aren’t any real people on it. The second you sign up, you’re going to be getting messages left and right. These may seem legit, but they’re only there to make you pay for your access. You won’t be able to read or respond to them unless you’re a paid member. This is all intentional. They want you to feel like you’re just what all of these depressingly horny Milfs need in their vaginas. They’re so hard up that the second you came on, they all had to pounce on you and lock you into a three-night stand. Trust me, no one here is that hard up. You’re not even getting messages from real Milfs. You’re getting them from employees of the site who punch a clock and go home to their families.

Fine Print Talk

This is where the fine print comes in. If you take a look, you’re going to read all about “love stars”. This is what the site calls the people that they pay to talk to you. They have to interest in ever meeting up and only want to pay the bills. They make profiles and send messages to free profiles to convince them to buy access. In fact, if you look at the profiles that are contacting you, you can see the love stars logo displayed under the pictures. They can’t legally hide it, but they don’t have to scream it at you every five seconds.

It’s The Only Leg They Stand On

This is the whole basis of the site and why it exists in the first place. A little more digging and you’re going to see what they’re really selling you. They’re not a dating site. They can’t legally call themselves that. What they are is a fantasy site. They’re selling you nothing but fantasies and pretending to make them come true. It’s like a cosplay weekend, only with less sex. They have to be open about it in order to stay open for business, and all the information is readily available to you.

All you have to do is take the time to read it and you’ll know enough to stay away from this place forever. They don’t have anything to offer anyone, except the empty promise of being able to talk to a real person. It’s what they set out to do when they first envisioned owning a website and it’s exactly what they’re doing now. It’s just not worth your time and certainly not worth any of your hard-earned money. Spending it at a site that can actually deliver on its promises is a much better idea.

Conclusion: Free Snap Milfs Sucks – Stay Away

Like I’ve said before, there are much better sites out there. This site has nothing at all to offer you. You’ll be wasting your time and, more importantly, your money. You’ll end your nights frustrated, with nothing to show but messages from people pretending to be real users. If you want to get lost in fantasy, just turn on the TV. There are plenty of shows to fill your head with fun and adventure. If you really want to have it, then find a better place that can actually give it to you, like this one – click here.

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