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Foreign Girlfriend Review

I’m coming at ou straight as can be today. I’m in a bad mood and unfortunately for the Foreign Girlfriend website, they’re going to feel the wrath of it for sure. I’ll start off by saying that I honestly feel one of the worst niches in Internet dating is the mail order bride niche. Not only is the practice of ordering a mail order bride from another country a questionable and expensive one, but some sites try to fool you. They literally try and trick you into thinking that they are going to help connect you with a sexy foreign girl. Hate to burst your bubble pal, but all they do is make a lot of promises and take your money. They do all this without hooking you up with any real women. I suspected that the Eastern European mail order bride site ForeignGirlfriend.com was one of the fakes. I conducted a detailed investigation and determined that I was 100% right. Check out my review for more info.

foreign girlfriend review

Foreign Girlfriend Mail Order Bride Dating Is Ridiculous!

Here is what I’m doing for you here. I’m going to tell you everything I know and my exact experience. At some point, I’ll likely bash the hell out of this ForeignGirlfriend.com website so it’s best that you be prepared for that and then some…

It is quite effortless to sign up for free, but it’s not free for very long. The fastest way to sign in is with your Facebook account, not to be confused with your Fuckbook account. However, I would not recommend that. They don’t post anything on your wall, but I do not want anything connected to my social media unless I trust it 100%. I indicated my sex, age, e-mail, password, and zip code and started my registration. An activation code was sent to my e-mail, but it never arrived. I clicked to re-send several times and nothing came. My spam filters on my mailbox would not even let it through. This told me that the site was not worth joining, but I continued my investigation.

If there are any real women on this site, I suspect that they are escorts. Many of them are just outright fake because I did a reverse image search on some of the photos and found them being used on other sites. One of these photos I found all over the internet was from the profile of a girl that messaged me within minutes of arriving on the site. If this one was fake, how can I trust that any of them are real? Since the site is run on a credit basis, you must pay handsomely to check out whether these girls are real or not. Making you pay for every e-mail and every chat message gives them the incentive to try to deceive you and keep you chatting so you can spend a lot of credits.

There are several credit packages to choose from. They may seem cheap to some, but they disappear quickly after being active on the site for only a little while. Almost anything you do on the site will cost you some credits. You can purchase 20 credits for $7.99, 40 credits for $14.99, 80 credits for $27.99, 160 credits for $47.99, 320 credits for $92.99, 500 credits for $135.99, and 1,000 credits for $199.99.

On top of expensive credits, you also must purchase a premium membership to unlock features like live chat, video chats aka snapsext chatting, unlock private photos, exchange love letters, and send virtual gifts. You can pay $1.99 a day and get 10 bonus credits. The monthly charge is $25.19 and comes with 80 bonus credits. Pay for 3 full months and pay $15.40 per month with 160 bonus credits. Pay for 6 full months and pay $10.50 a month with 320 bonus credits. This means that you will be paying to use the site every month and also spend a lot of money on credits if you are active.

There might be some legit mail order bride sites out there, but this is not one of them. It is so clear that they are trying to take your money. They charge you credits for anything that you do on the site and charge you a recurring monthly charge on top of it. I checked ForeignGirlfriend.com thoroughly and I didn’t see one good thing about it to make it worth a flat fee on top of a separate fee for anything you do. Please don’t be gullible enough to buy what this site is selling because it sure is not a date with a hot foreign girl. That said, you’ve determined that it’s not worth your time, so what’s your next move?

Well, you can sit here and get pissed about the information that I’ve shared with you or you can simply connect with some hot girls using one of the many Internet dating apps that actually work!

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