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Flirt Buddies Website Review: No Real Hookup Based On My Experience

I’ve been using sex date apps and other types of sites for years now. I can say that Flirt Buddies really disappointed me. Flirt Buddies is a dating and hookup site that promises to hook you up with gorgeous ladies in your area. You know, people who are compatible with you. They have software that allows you to narrow down your search to women who match your interests and preferences.

Sadly, this doesn’t do you much good if you never get to talk to any real women. I have come across sites like this many times and this one does not have a whole lot to distance it from the rest. It’s the same old tired tactics that keep you from having a genuine experience. Every feature on the site is designed to take your money and almost nothing to connect you with real women in your area.

I would normally leave a site like this within five minutes, but I stuck around so I could share some details about it and confirm my suspicions. Read my detailed review below to see what happened when I looked further into the site and tried it out for myself.

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flirtbuddies site reviews


My Personal Review Of The Flirt Buddies Site

There are little to no cookie-cutter sites like Flirt Buddies that offer any type of real experience. Everything is fabricated and set up to automatically snag you into paying a recurring monthly charge and this one is particularly expensive. One thing I appreciate about this site is that they have the decency to tell you that they are not a real site on the front page before you even sign up.

If you have ever heard of the term “Fantasy Cuties” then you know what I’m talking about. They are mentioned in the fine print just above the “next” button. They are pretty common among bogus dating and hookup mobile apps and it is not a good idea to use any site that uses them. The brand is basically a glorified name for fake profiles and the computer-generated correspondence that you receive from the site.

One thing that can save you a lot of time and potentially a lot of money is checking the terms and conditions of a dating site before you sign up. If you know what to look out for, you will be able to find evidence that the site is not legit.

flirtbuddies tos

The main reason to be careful with this site is that they are more expensive than most. A one-month membership is over 40 bucks. It’s simply not worth that much money. Being fooled into thinking the site has real ladies to interact with is complete bullshit.

My Personal Experience

My suspicions about the site grew when I first signed up and started receiving messages. They all seemed automated and I even saw some that were “word for word” the same. I could tell that FlirtBuddies was a waste of time and I found out how expensive it was, so I decided to take advantage of their 3-day trial. I received at least 20 messages in those first 3 days and sent more than 50.

Responding to messages got pretty frustrating because not one of the girls had a real conversation with me. They seemed to be leading me on until my 3-day trial was up. You know, they wanted my credit card to charge me 40 bucks. I wasn’t about to let that happen, so I watched the time closely. I made an effort all the way to the end of my trial and none of the girls I interacted with gave me a legitimate reason to stick around.

Be aware that sites like this will try anything to distract you and make you miss your deadline until you are charged for a full month membership. Don’t allow yourself to be fooled like this. You will be left looking like a fool afterward with a big chunk taken out of your finances.


There are a few features that would be much more attractive on a legit site. You can build up a friends network like a social media site. Your friends can see your images and videos and you can see theirs. Quickie is a feature that is supposed to find a match with similar interests. There is not much that is special about this site at all. It’s one of those sites where, if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.

The Verdict: Flirt Buddies Suck Big Time. 

I can sum up the most valid reason to avoid this site in two words “Fantasy Cuties.” If you see these two words associated with a dating or hookup site, run for the hills. If a site admits that they generate fake profiles and fake messages, what else are they doing without your knowledge? It’s too expensive to find out.

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