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FitSluts.com Review: Find Out If You Really Meet and Bang Fit Local Women?

There is no other way of hooking up these days that is more popular than online dating. It is so popular that there are countless niche sites that concentrate on a certain type of person or fetish. The niche at FitSluts.com is lonely athletic women. I see a few things wrong with this niche and this site raises flags on the first page that tell you that it is not legit. Do you know a lot of horny athletic women who are so desperate to find a date that they join an athletic niche dating site? Why would athletic woman need to use this site and why would you trust it if it has the exact same layout as many other fake dating sites? Read my full review below and you will see that this site offers only a waste of money.

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Fit Sluts Online Dating Site Review

You might recognize this layout from such sites as SwipeAffair.com, SwipeSluts.com, and SwipeChicks.com. That’s because they are all part of the same network and they all use the same tactics to fool you into giving them your money and you never even get a chance to meet a woman in real life. They make it very easy to sign up and they hope you will breeze through the process without noticing that they are deceiving you. They claim that the site is free, but they end up charging you more than most. This is the worst type of bogus dating site because it costs you big to trust them.  (Here’s a list of 100% free to join dating sites.)

One of the main reasons that this site, and every other site on the network, cannot be trusted can be found on their terms and conditions page. This is where they admit to using something that they call Love Stars. This is a term that they use to describe the fake profiles that they generate to populate the site. They also use this to describe the fake messages that they send you. They claim that these Love Stars contact you to stimulate conversation and participation on the site, but a legitimate dating service doesn’t need to try to fool you with fake profiles and messages. Every site that you see that uses this term should be avoided because there are no legitimate sites that use it.

Their biggest deception comes when they ask if you want to upgrade to a VIP Membership. What they don’t tell you is that you are not just paying for FitSluts. You are also paying for two standard porn sites that are not worth the money that you are charged. Without asking you, you are charged $39.61 for a site called VibeVideo.com. You are also charged $28.87 for another site called VideoErotic.com. You get charged for both sites at the same time and the charges will continue to be taken out of your account on a recurring basis until you cancel each of them manually. It’s one thing to try to fool people with a fake site, but it’s something entirely different when they try to steal triple the money from you as well.

Before I get to the conclusion, here is a full screenshot of the homepage in case you ever come across it!

fitsluts review

FitSluts.com gives you a lot more reasons to avoid it than it does to join it. They use Love Stars and that is never a good thing in online dating. They claim that they are free but they are not. On top of charging you for a membership, they also try to charge you for two porn sites that you did not ask for. This takes a hefty chunk out of your bank account and they give you no one to interact with except Love Stars. If you want to learn all the warning signs that point to a fake site, this one has tons of them.

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