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Erotic Affairs Review: My Story After Joining This Cheaters Hookup Site

Spilling the beans here folks, I’m all for using a hookup site for cheaters. There, I said it, shoot me! Now I can get to the real meat and potatoes of this post, my experience using the Erotic Affairs website. When you visit the mobile sex app or official website, Erotic Affairs, there is a couple having passionate sex on the homepage. Also, adult film star Jesse Jane’s voice welcomes you letting you know just what to expect from this site. I like that and I will bang her any day of the week, LOL. The site does claim to have almost 60 million users (based on the time of this review) and, after using the service, I tend to believe it. I was surprised at how many girls I ended up talking to on the site and delighted with the number of girls I was able to hook up with. There are a lot of fakes out there, but this one is the real deal. Let’s just say that I’ll never need to use the dating section of Backpage for anything ever again, not after using this site!

Erotic Affairs Review

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Check out “personal” story and review below for details on the site. I shared my personal experience to let you know how it worked for me. I’m not the biggest stud in the world, but I sure felt like one after using this site for a while.

Erotic Affairs: Does The Infamous Cheaters Site Work? Read My Story!

I have been to many hookup sites and few of them have as many members as EroticAffairs.com and that is the main draw of the site. There are so many real users that you can’t help but find someone to hook up with, with a little effort. The price is average for a hookup site, but the results you get make it an excellent deal. There are a couple of drawbacks. One might come across a few fake profiles, but you are always going to run into some of these.

It is in fact, people creating them will ill intentions. There might be a few fake ones, but most of the ones I encountered were 100% real. On a site, as large as this one, there will always be some bogus profiles to slip through the cracks, but there were far less than I have seen on other sites and they are pretty easy to spot. You also have to deal with a few ads here and there, but nothing that interferes with your dating experience in any real way. Check out my personal experience below and I will let you know exactly how I was able to hook up with more than one girl in the first month.

My Experience Using The Site

The design was impressive when I first started signing up for the site, but I got a little concerned when I noticed that it wasn’t free to communicate with members. I thought about trying the 3-day trial membership but decided to take a leap of faith and pay for a whole month. It usually takes time to get things going on a site like this. I was pleasantly surprised to find 2 promising leads in the first 3 days and my luck just kept getting better. My skepticism started going away, but I still wasn’t sure that any of these girls would lead to a hookup. The skepticism went away when I was talking to 3 different girls about meeting after a little over a week. I met with two of them and got lucky both times. They were cute and genuine girls who were clear about wanting a purely sexual encounter. It was amazing!

The Features That Stood Out

The features at EroticAffairs.com are pretty simple, but you don’t need a lot of bells and whistles as long as you’re getting laid. I wish the search criteria were a little more detailed, but I can’t really complain because I did find girls that matched my tastes pretty well. I also found the chat rooms to be a fun place to hang out and meet girls. There are also some useful Message Boards where you can get some insight into sex and relationships. The layout is sleek and professional, but the features keep it simple.

Cost To Subscribe Today

EroticAffairs.com is not free, but it won’t clean out your bank account either. You can purchase a 3 day trial of the Silver membership for only $1.95, but I would suggest going for the full month at only $29.95. You can save even more money by buying a 3-month membership for $59.95. It’s not that much more for a Gold membership which unlocks all sorts of fun features and incentives like unlimited access to member webcams and videos. A Gold membership is $34.95 a month. You can save money on the Gold membership by purchasing 3 months at $69.95 or purchase a full year membership for $149.95.

The Bottom Line: Erotic Affairs Works Like A Charm

I’ve been using sites run by this company for years. I can’t tell you how awesome the sites are that this company pumps out. The network that Erotic Affairs is a part of is pretty much the shiznit! I got quick results without a lot of effort and I didn’t have to sift through a bunch of fake profiles. Let’s be honest. There aren’t that many sites out there that deliver on their promise to find you someone, to hook up with, but this one sure does.

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