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Eroprofile Review

Eroprofile Review: Casual Sex & So Much More or a Scam?

Today’s review covers a site called Eroprofile. It’s a casual sex site that connects people who are horny and looking to hook up. The site has been around for over a decade. If you’re looking for information on this site, I can confidently say that after reading this review, you’ll soon know whether it’s the right dating site for you. Here’s what I’ll cover below:

Site Features
Canceling Your Account
Contact Info
Fake Profiles
& More

Let’s get started!

Eroprofile Review

Official Review of Eroprofile.com

I’ll start things off by covering the features that this website offers as well as some of the pros and cons of joining. The search function is pretty standard with some basic functionality.

Things like Who’s Online, age, does it include a photo or not. You know, things like that. They have some advanced search functions that target specific geo-locations as well.

Some Pros Of Joining

There are some pros to joining the website. Eroprofile.com has been around since 2010 and it doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere anytime soon.

There are tons of photos, videos, cams, sex games, and more. You can see who’s online today, which is also a plus.

Some Cons

You’ll find there are a lot of bothersome things taking place on this site. I’m talking pop-ups, lots of ads, and tons of links out to external sites.

These are not ideal when you’re simply looking to find someone to date for casual sex meetups. I also don’t like that they have no mobile app for you to use and no profile verification, but I’ll dive into that later.

What’s It Cost?

Eroprofile doesn’t cost anything to get registered as a user. That said, there are upgrade offers that you might wish to take advantage of. When you buy, you get add-ons and more. The site doesn’t offer any trials, so you must commit to a month at a minimum.

Here’s what you’ll be spending:

Plan: Gold Membership (You must cancel to stop the rebill)
30 Days: $9.84
90 Days: $17.54
180 Days: $28.54

Plan: Gold Membership (One-time payment)
90 Days: $17.54
180 Days: $28.54
365 Days: $43.94

They accept credit cards only. Choose between recurring and non-recurring. The choice is yours.

As far as discounts go, you won’t find any Eroprofile.com discount codes out there so don’t waste time searching.

Registration Process

Registering on Eroprofile is quite simple. The form isn’t super short, but also not insanely long. You’ll need to fill out an 11 field form and that’s it.

Pretty standard information is needed. Nothing out of the ordinary really.

Privacy (Lack Of For Sure)

This is important for those of you that value privacy. Let me make this very clear. The Eroprofile site is 100% public, which means that your profile will be searchable by anyone by default.

That said, there are features that allow you to hide photos and make them private. You’ll need to take action there though for that to happen.

Canceling Your Account

Looking to cancel your Eroprofile account? This could be a problem. You’re not able to cancel online like the usual dating network experience.

You’ll need to cancel your account offline and this makes the entire experience that much more difficult and less attractive.

Contact Info

Looking to contact the site? My suggestion would be to reach out via any of their social media channels or the contact us page on the website. See below for the info:


Fake Profiles

This site doesn’t actively fight fake profiles in the traditional sense, but they do have something in place that could help. They require you to verify your account in an email that gets sent to your inbox.

They also have photo moderators which help with things as well. The moderators look for things like cartoon pics, celeb photos like Kim Kardashian, and more. This does help with fake profile fighting.

Conclusion: Eroprofile Isn’t Amazing. Be Careful If Upgrading.

So, my overall experience here is that Eroprofile.com isn’t super amazing for a few main reasons. The cancellation process is too hard, the number of ads on the site is significant, and there are too many shady links here on the website.

While I have heard that some folks are able to get laid using this site, I’m sticking to my tried and true list of bests. If you’re interested in those on the list, then check them out here.

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