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DirtyKikPals: Five Reasons To Avoid This Sub Forum Entirely!

My guess is that if you’re reading this article, then chances are you at least have some tiny burning desire to meet people online for sex. If that’s the case, then you’ve likely taken a closer look at Kik as well. You may have even read my Kikpals.com review and perhaps you’ve even checked out the DirtyKikPals section of Reddit. If this sounds spot on, then you should be worried.

Yes, you heard that correctly. BE WORRIED!

The reason I say this is quite simple. If you’re attempting to meet girls using any type of Kik associated platform then you’re a fool. There are right ways and wrong ways to meet someone to hook up with and I can tell you right now doing anything on Kik is most definitely the wrong way.

More specifically, if you’re using the /DirtyKikPals section of Reddit and other sites to connect with girls/guys in your local area then you’ll likely find yourself in a heap of trouble soon enough.

Here’s a rundown of the five main reasons why I suggest you avoid this section of Reddit and any other site promoting Dirty Kik Pal connections – PERIOD.

dirtykikpals screenshot

Five Important Reasons For Avoiding DirtyKikPals Forever

If you’re planning on using this type of thing, please, please, please…do not! It’s a third-party social subsection of an ever-popular site that might lead to major problems for consumers. My reasons for avoiding this are quite simple and very real. Once you’ve read this, you’ll hopefully have a better idea of why this is so dangerous and why it needs to be avoided forever.

#1 – Not Associated With Kik

The dirtykikpals section has nothing to do with the Kik Interactive, Inc company and they make it clear that the parent company is not associated with this nor does it condone any actions taken by consumers using this subreddit.

Let me put it this way, it’s like buying a fake iPhone from Fapple instead of Apple. Guess what, Apple Inc. is not going to help cover your purchase and they’re not going to go out of their way if you get in trouble for buying a faulty or illegal product, In fact, they may prosecute you! If the main company isn’t associated with it, then you must avoid it.

#2 – They May Not Be 18

Let’s be honest here, you’re most likely not going to find a sugar momma on this sub-forum. For the mere fact that anybody can join Reddit and by simply clicking a button, you’re able to access this Dirtykikpals Subreddit section, my guess is most are not mature people using this. The fact that some of the Kik users posting in this section may not be 18 years old is downright scary AF.

Are you willing to put your freedom at risk just to meet someone that might not be verified as being the legal age for hooking up without any issues? If so, then go for it but I sure as hell am not willing to give all that up just in the name of a booty call!

#3 – Zero Liability

Anyone using this section is putting themselves at risk and guess what, the Reddit site is not assuming or accepting liability for your foolish actions.

Whether you end up getting someone pregnant, getting robbed, or even physically harmed the moderators within the dirtykikpals section will not be held responsible. In other words, if you stubbornly decide to communicate and use this, then that’s your own problem.

#4 – Sharing Of Pics Is Prohibited

The sharing of personal pics via the Dirty Kik Pal section is not allowed. If you do so, you’ll get banned from this forum section. My guess is that they do not want to be held liable for any underage or explicit images that may end up on this site. If they do end up on the site, then they end up in perhaps a bad legal spot.

#5 – Could Be A Sting

Did you ever think that these people posting within this section may be trying to set people up for failure? Dead serious! It seems like some people might be going out of their way to put together sting operations using this.

I’m not saying that I can confirm this, but given the stings that have taken place on Backpage.com (especially in Las Vegas), why would they not also take place on this sub-forum as well?

Conclusion: Best To Avoid Dirty KikPals For Good!

If you’re using this sub-forum then you’re doing it all wrong. A far more effective and strategic approach is to join one of the premium sex apps that I use daily. You’ll avoid the chances of getting into any legal trouble, putting yourself at less risk and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that all the people within the network of legal age to bang. Oh, and 24/7 customer service for every single premium user out there. Just bite the bullet and do it!

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