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Couples Touch Review

Couples Touch Review

This review covers everything I know about the Couples Touch website. Find out if this Poly dating site is worth your time and money. I’ll tell you right now, it doesn’t come close to my #1 choice in dating. I’ll let you decide if it’s worth joining though. Read my review to learn more about it.

Couples Touch Review

My Review of Couples Touch

Sexual orientation has been a personal choice in this modern world. It was not about the gender you have when you were born, but it is about the feeling of how you act and define your own personality will predict sexuality. There have been added communities or groups for accepting these rising genders to reach the goal of freedom in everything.

Dating is a life experience leading to a special love for someone you’ve dreamed of. It is a time for expressing and confessing how much you like that person, but not everyone is satisfied with the traditional couple setting.

Swinger contacts are married or in-a-relationship couples that perform sex by exchanging their spouses of each couple. It is a kind of setting where two couples have consent and approval that their spouses can have a sex exchange legally. Furthermore, Polyamory dating is a type of relationship in which not just two but three people share their love with each other by doing things such kiss, dates, sexual intercourse, and others. It is a setting that can be counted as a group in a relationship because it can be composed of three and more people.

Dating Sites for Swingers and Polyamory

With these emerging sexual orientations and kinds of relationship settings, the modern world has created many ways to accept them in society. Including the safest and easiest way for them to erotically interact with other people, innovative technologies contributed to welcoming these different personalities.

If you are one of them and looking for some sites that accept kind of situation, the Couples Touch dating website is for you. This site is open for people with straight, gay, and lesbian sexual orientations and in the swinger contacts and polyamory dating category. It is a stand-alone dating site that does not display adult images for safety view.

Features of Couples Touch Dating Site

On the Couplestouch website, the default search parameters are gender, age, photo only, and recently online. With more specific parameters, thorough searches are made possible. In Couplestouch, it is possible to conduct a regional search to find local singles who are interested in dating. If you are receiving an excessive number of responses from members in whom you are not interested, you can prevent specific members from contacting you, which can be especially helpful.

CouplesTouch offers a variety of online games so that users may pass the time while waiting for chat messages to be responded to or to hang out and have fun among users. This site is established expertly, which keeps profiles private. Unfortunately, there is no generated mobile application for this site, and a live chat is unavailable.

If you haven’t signed up as a member, the website won’t let you view any profiles. It is a fundamental amount of privacy provided. You cannot hide your face on Couplestouch because there are no features for applying stickers, masks, or filters to your images.

Commonly, you can see many images as you want on your profile. Couplestouch provides the choice to add private images and restrict access to members you approve. Some dating services give users the option to press a panic button to switch to another website right away, but this function is unavailable.

Reviews About CouplesTouch.com

It is difficult to acquire real-time information for dates you could already catch while you are on the road because this site is still impossible to use on a smartphone. Sites or URLs that were mobile-friendly were recommended. Despite this inaccessibility, there were also positive reviews about this site. Here are some:

  • According to several users, CouplesTouch is the finest hookup website for people who enjoy swinging in particular. A swinger refers to having sex with another couple member in an effort to strengthen your relationship.
  • Another stated that you require your email, zip code, and phone number in order to register for a free account. Your preferences will be questioned and given options, such as whether you’re looking for straight, a couple, or what you’re like (like group sex), which is a good feature.
  • According to some, after registering in, you can search for users in your area who share your interests in kinks. You can also look for bars or events in your area code. Finding someone in your region is quite simple.
  • Additionally, it was mentioned that the site’s payment options are secure and legitimate, and the membership costs are trustworthy. Promotes romance, making out, and having fun.

Wrapping Things Up

In conclusion, it is up to you whether you choose CouplesTouch as your dating website or any other. Based on the reviews, we can say that this site is beneficial in every special way.

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