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Citysex Review

CitySex App Review: Fake Profiles, Paid Employee Interaction, and Rebills

City Sex is s dating site owned and operated by Nautell Capital Ltd. It promises to hook you up with thousands of sexy singles in your area. You can join and view all profiles for free, but you can’t do much beyond that without paying. Sure, it seems promising because it has a great look. You can tag your favorite profiles, get daily Match Maker e-mails, get unlimited text and video chat, and perform a detailed search.

Sadly, it doesn’t live up to what it seems when you first arrive on the site. Though it might no be as terrible as the Mixxxer app, it’s still not great. What’s most important is that you don’t make a judgment right away. First, give me the opportunity to share some facts with you on City Sex and anything that I’ve discovered about the site.

City Sex Review

Here’s What I Learned About The Citysex App Website!

I’ll kick things off about the City Sex site by sharing what I know about the signup process, and personal financial requirements necessary. Please take a few minutes to read what I’ve got to share below. Not doing so could cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

The Sign Up Process

Sign up is easy and it didn’t have the typical procedure that a lot of bogus sites do. You enter your desired username, password, e-mail, and birthdate.

After agreeing to their terms, you are asked your your location, marital status, body type, race, height, and some brief personal details so your profile will be ready to view. Upon entering the site, several red flags started going up and the first one came when I was asked for my credit card number.

They claim that they won’t charge you, but I never trust a site that asks for your credit card info, even if they say it’s for verification purposes only. What they don’t tell you is that you are accessing a standard porn site called AmateurChicks.com.

Paid Employees and Consumer Interaction

Another red flag comes when you agree to their terms. They indicate that you are agreeing to something called Love Stars. Anyone with any experience using adult dating apps know that the term, “Love Stars” is just a term that they use for fake profiles.

They tell you in their terms that these profiles are for your entertainment, but why would you want to be entertained by fake profiles? There is nothing entertaining about speaking with a computer bot. Seriously, what in the actual fuck!

Crazy Bulk Messages By Bots

When you sign in, you start getting messages from girls who are dying to meet you. Soon you find out that they are just bots and part of the Love Stars program. City Sex tells you in their terms that they send you these messages to stimulate dialogue with you, but I honestly see no reason for this. If you just take time to read their Terms and Conditions, they admit all of this in writing and you’re the one at fault here if you join.

Unfortunately, they just assume that you won’t read it. Any dating site that uses fake profiles and admits it in their terms should be avoided. They are only there to make money off unsuspecting people who don’t know any better. In fact, they only admit the use for legal reasons and to cut down on lawsuits.

Lots of Hot Women (Not Real Users)

There are other things that rub me the wrong way here with regards to their terms. The vast number of super hot women is totally suspect.

There is always a possibility that there will be a few really hot girls in your area, but it is not likely that a large number of results will be girls who look like models. I mean, not unless you live in Beverly Hills or Miami maybe.

Actually, strike that, I don’t care where you live. There aren’t going to be this many models living within five miles from you who just so happen to use this particular site. This tells me that most of their profiles must be fake. They admit to having fake profiles, so it is likely that an overabundance of them are fake.

Rebill Cost Not Worth It

City Sex makes a lot of claims about being free, but it is not free to use the site features and interact with any women. Even if you do pay for a membership, most of the women you talk to are not likely to be real. Sure, you can pay a low $2.97 for a 3-day trial membership, but you must be careful.

Why? Well, your automatically charged a full month when the trial ends. The monthly price is $29.95 and you can save money by paying $74.85 for 3 months of membership or $119.70 for 6 months.

Company Contact Information

They make it rather difficult to contact them. In fact, they make it almost impossible to cancel your membership if you ask me. Here’s all the contact info that we have for this company.


1 Mitsi Building 1
1st floor
Office 4 Plateia Eleftherias
Nicosia Cyprus 1060

Conclusion: CitySex.com App Needs To Be Avoided As It’s Ineffective

The bottom line is, based on my investigation, you can’t trust City Sex as it’s not a legit dating site. They claim to be free, but based on my personal opinion, they are nothing but a typical Internet company looking to get your credit card.. They ask for your credit info to sign in and you have to pay membership fees. All this for a bunch of fake profiles. No thanks.

I’ve used a ton of other sites that truly work and none of them incorporate the use of fake profiles. In fact, I can confidently say that even and app like Tinder, that’s not even geared towards hooking up would be better than City Sex. If you really want to successfully date online, then you need to join an award winning dating service or you’re wasting your time and money. Check out the list below and read the reviews that I’ve shared. I promise they’re effective as I use them all today!

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