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Christian Mingle Review: Christian Dating For Free But Can You Get Laid?

Christian dating is the way that some folks like to go. They think nothing of joining a dating website like Christian Mingle in order to find a date to get intimate with. Some religious-based sites work and some don’t. I am a little hesitant to admit that I had faith in Christian Mingle (pun intended) when I first joined. I figured that, if any dating site was going to have some integrity, it would be a site with a religious theme. They are supposed to be dedicated to matching singles with others of the same faith. I was admittedly a little disheartened when I saw a lot of the same scamming practices being thrown at me. They might have a Christian theme, but they certainly don’t have values that most would think. Read my full Christian Mingle review below to learn why I think the site is a bad site to join.

Don't Join Christian Mingle

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A Summary of How Christian Mingle is Not Very Good

I thought that the layout and interface of Christian Mingle seemed familiar and I found out why when I did a little research. This site is owned by Spark Networks. The same company owns BlackSingles.com, JDate.com, and Spark.com. When you sign up to the site; you agree to allow this company to redistribute your profile info among these other sites that they own. What that means is that the moment you fill out your profile and upload a picture, they put your info on one or all of their other sites and use it as a “fake profile” to give the illusion that they have a much larger database of users than they really do on each website.

The initial ChristianMingle login process is pretty extensive and serves two purposes really. It allows you to have a somewhat detailed profile filled out when you first enter the site and it is also meant to engage you. If you are engaged for a long period of time just to enter the site, you are much more likely to stay and look around for some girls. Well, I stayed and looked around and I was not impressed with what I found. Many of the profiles are obviously stolen from their network of sites and you never know when you will are communicating with a real person. I’m not sure if I ever got one at all. I don’t really care either because I’ll never use this site again. keep reading though to find out more about my experience.

Clever Messaging Tactics

Usually, when I sign up for any dating site, I get bombarded with messages that ultimately turn out to be fake. They almost always turn out to be auto-generated by some computer or you never get a response at all. At first, it was different at Christian Mingle, the messages I got were sporadic and almost seemed rather genuine. However, after I paid my membership fees, it was the same thing I experienced time and time again. I never got any real responses after writing back all the girls that messaged me through the messaging chat function. The only messages I ever got were religion-themed or soliciting me to pay for something. I never got a clear response to anything I said in any of my messages. I was looking for girls that wanted to have some fun and none replied looking for any, period.

Phone Conversation

If I never got to talk to any good Christian girls on message, it goes without saying that I didn’t have any phone conversations with any of them. I’m sure someone is getting together on this site, but it’s not nearly as many people as they would lead you to believe. Imagine a handful of real people in a sea of clones. Good luck finding the real one.

The Cost Is Not Really High But It’s Not Low

If you are still curious about Christian Mingle and want to try it out for yourself; you will have to pay at least $29.99 for a month. If your experience is like mine; you’ll get strung along for that month in an effort to get you to pay another month. You can get $18.99 a month by paying 3 months in advance which equals out to $56.97. You can also get $13.99 a month by paying 6 months which equals out to $83.94. I would save my money if I were you. You can always find Christians on a legit dating site and you can even find some that are just looking for sex if you join an original sex dating site like Fling.

Meeting Christian Girls

I gave Christian Mingle a fair try and I never even got close to meeting anyone, even after paying for a premium membership. You might think it was just rejection, but I sent out a lot, and I mean a lot of messages to what seemed to be very willing and wanting girls. The odds were in my favor, but the site had other plans I guess.

Final Verdict: Don’t Join Christian Mingle

Is it naive of me to think that a site that talks about God and bringing Christian single people looking to hook up together would have a little more integrity than your standard scam dating site? That’s what Christian Mingle hopes. That you are naive enough to think that they wouldn’t lie to you. That way you will be an easy target because you might assume that the investment is worth it. I am here to tell you that it isn’t and the site should be ashamed of themselves for their practices.

Are any christian dating sites worth trying or should I stick to casual dating? 

That’s a really tough question for me to answer. Given that religious views are so strong for some that they can dramatically impact your ability to make decisions, I’d say that it’s important for you to make that decision yourself. What I can say is that it’s easier to get lucky with girls and get them in bed if you use a casual dating site versus one that’s religious based.

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