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BuddyBang Review

BuddyBang Review: Find A FWB Buddy To Hookup With

Sometimes you want a relationship, but sometimes you want “something else. When you’re craving that “something else,” it can be hard to determine if the sites and apps you’re looking at are legitimate, or if you’re just going to be burned by fake profiles and trolls stringing you along, all the while costing you money and not getting you any fun, extracurricular activities.

Before you take your chances on BuddyBang, you’ll want to read our review to find out if they’re a site worth checking out, or one you should consider avoiding for all of your “no-strings-attached” meetups.

BuddyBang Review

Pros and Cons of Buddy Bang


  • Extensive search options
  • Kink profiles
  • Uncensored content
  • User-friendly and easy to navigate


  • Free contact doesn’t exist using the site (must upgrade)
  • Some fake accounts and bots
  • Canceling can be challenging
  • No dedicated mobile app

What is BuddyBang?

Some people (read: all of us, pretty much) want to have sex and when we’re feeling very frisky, it can be frustrating when you don’t have a partner around that is also looking for the same thing.

The internet has saved all of us casual hookup fans with a multitude of sites and apps that cater to those that want a more FWB-type of situation and less of a dating, romantic-type of relationship.

One of these apps is BuddyBang (click here to see). BuddyBang is one of a few sites that is managed by XMatch, which also includes Alt.com, OutPersonals.com, and NoStringsAttached.com. BuddyBang works like a sex directory, where you can see who is local to you and if they are online at the time. You can then contact them to chat and see if you click and hopefully get to have some fun times together. 

Using BuddyBang is free, but like all free things, there are definitely strings attached. This isn’t a huge deal, though, as most, if not all dating sites are like that. Hey, they’ve got to make money too!

With the free membership, you can browse and read a few inbox messages, but that’s about it. If you want to really get all that they have to offer, you’ll have to choose a paid membership.

How To Sign Up With BuddyBang?

Signing up with BuddyBang is a five-step process. You’ll first disclose your gender and age preferences in a potential partner, but you can choose to find men, women, and couples if you’re feeling very adventurous. 

Next, you’ll let them know where you live, (your zip code) and your birth date, followed by a username, password, and email address.

Once you’ve done all that, you’ll be sent a verification code through the email you provided to them. You’ll then fill out a form that is all about you, including your sexual orientation, marital status, body type, and race, to name a few. 

The next step involves filling out some information that is “all about you.” This is where you want to get creative and put down something that will catch the eyes of all the partners you are hoping to find.

You’ll need a catchy heading and some info about yourself that isn’t too boring or lame–if you’re not sure what to write, they will provide you with ideas and templates, so you’ll be just fine!

Once you’ve completed all these steps, you’re ready to begin finding your next buddy to bang!

Who Uses BuddyBang?

BuddyBang is used by folks looking to, well, looking to bang. Plain and simple. 

The user population on BuddyBang is immense, especially because they are part of a bigger adult dating site group of XMatch and AFF. Now, I will say that the majority of the accounts belong to men, but that is definitely the same no matter what dating site you use. There are women signed up, and if you’re very adventurous, even couples. 

Most of the profiles are listed for those that are between the ages of 24-35 and they are located across the world, so no matter where you are, you have the ability to find a bang buddy. 

Main BuddyBang Special Features

Even though you’ll greatly improve your success using BuddyBang by being a paid member, there are some special features for everyone, including free members. These make it a more enjoyable experience even when you’re just browsing and really help you to find that perfect match for meetups.

The special features of BuddyBang include:

  • Hot or Not – This is a roulette-type of service where you are randomly shown members and you decide if you think they are hot or not. This will let the algorithm know what you’re interested in and it’s kind of fun too.
  • Live Action – If you want a live show to watch, you’ll see what members are offering up paid shows to those interested in something a little more digital.
  • Contests
  • Sex Academy – Are you looking to improve your game in the bedroom? BuddyBang has a collection of materials to help you improve and get the moves all the ladies will be talking about.
  • Blogs – These aren’t your average recipe blogs–no ma’am! These are all blogs revolving around sexual activities and they give you a little bit of steamy reading to help you get in the mood.
  • Bling – Remember when you could send virtual gifts to people on social media? That’s what the Bling feature is for on BuddyBang.
  • Adult Movies – If you want to watch some porn, BuddyBang has you covered and you can head over to AdultFriendFinder’s porn page directly on the BuddyBang website, making it very convenient.
  • Erotic Stories – You can share your own or read other users stories.
  • Adult Chatrooms

What Does BuddyBang Cost?

If you decide that you want to take the plunge and get a paid membership to BuddyBang, here is what you’ll pay:

Gold Membership

  • 1-month: $39.95
  • 3-months: $26.95/month ($80.85 total)
  • 1-year: $19.95/month ($239.40 total)

Credits System (Expires within one month)

  • 200 credits: $0.20/credit ($3.00)
  • 500 credits: $0.01/credit ($6.00)
  • 1,000 credits: $0.01/credit ($10.00)

Being a paid member will then allow you to have full use of contacting features, view full profiles, watch member broadcasts, and watch live model shows. If you want even more content, you can add on some of their “add-on features”, which will let free members contact you and view your profile, for example.

Keep in mind that ALL plans will auto-renew, so if you want to cancel, you have to remember to do so with a few days’ notice to BuddyBang so you’re not continuously charged for something you may not want.

Customer Support at BuddyBang

If you find that you’re having issues on BuddyBang, whether they be computer issues or you’re dealing with a member who is troublesome, all you have to do is contact BuddyBang’s customer support. They are excellent at helping you and take their jobs very seriously to keep the site as clean and safe as possible. 

Each profile has a “report member” button, so if you need to turn them in for whatever reason, simply click that button and you’ll be in contact with customer support within seconds. 

Deleting a BuddyBang Account

Sometimes a dating site just isn’t right for you. It doesn’t mean the site is bad, just that you weren’t a good match for each other. Or, maybe you’ve had your fill and now you want to find a more steady relationship. Whatever the reason, you may want to cancel your BuddyBang account at some point.

Canceling with BuddyBang is easy. Like, super easy.

Just go into your Profile Settings and cancel. Yep, it’s literally that easy.

BuddyBang has a full money-back guarantee as well, so if you’re not satisfied, you may be able to get what you’ve paid in. You do have to look at their terms of service to determine that you’ve met the requirements for that, but as long as you do all that you need to do, you’ll be satisfied. 

Oh, and as long as you cancel within the first three days of your membership, you’ll get a complete refund if you’re not happy. Honestly, you have nothing to lose!

Is BuddyBang Worth It?

Finding a fling can be difficult, especially if you’re a man. Let’s face it, women don’t struggle as hard as men in this arena. And while it doesn’t seem fair, it’s still a fact of life in the casual dating world.

Fortunately, companies like XMatch have come along and provided everyone with a variety of dating platforms where they can find like-minded partners who are looking to bang with no strings attached.

BuddyBang has all the bells and whistles of any other casual dating site or app, is affordable, and is still easy to use by cutting right to the point and not making the site frivolous or silly. 

If you’re looking for a hookup or three, I would consider giving BuddyBang a try, especially with a three-day trial and many free options to allow you to determine if you like what you see.

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