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Bookofsex review

BookofSex.com Review – User Ratings, Pros and Cons

BookofSex.com is 100% legit and a good choice for those looking to join a casual dating site. It’s owned by the same company that owns AdultFriendFinder. I have been using platforms owned by this company for years. I can vouch for Book of Sex, that it’s trustworthy and worth checking out. See below for the full review. If you’re ready to become a member of their network, you can always just join this site here. That will get you started…

Bookofsex review


Book of Sex Review

Are you on the lookout for an ideal destination to connect with mature women or simply seeking casual encounters? Look no further than BookofSex. Whether your aim is to meet experienced women or enjoy laid-back encounters, this platform is the perfect choice for you.

What is BookofSex.com?

BookofSex.com is a dating website for grown-ups run by Various Inc. It’s really popular worldwide with over 30 million members. It helps people find the right match for intimate dating.

They want to make it easy for folks to meet others online. You can talk to potential partners through instant messaging and webcams. So, it helps you find a partner for a satisfying experience.

Features of BookofSex.com

This online dating platform is armed with amazing features such as:

Regional searches: Find people interested in dating in your specific location. Allows you to narrow down potential matches to your geographic area. This feature helps you increase the chances of meeting someone nearby.

Invite to Private Chats: This feature gives you an option to initiate a private conversation with another member. Enables more personalized and one-on-one interactions. Provides a platform for getting to know someone better.

Enter Private Chats: Allows you to accept invitations from other members for private conversations. Creates a secure and private space for communication. Facilitates deeper connections and meaningful conversations.

Advantages of Joining

  • Real-time Chat Feature
  • Private User Profiles

Some Downsides

  • Lack of Mobile Application
  • Absence of Identity Verification Mechanism
  • Site’s Recent Establishment

Costs and Payment Methods Available

There are no Trial Plans available on this platform.

Gold Membership Plan

Non-recurring, no action required.

  • 1 Month costs $13.71
  • 3 Months cost $34.30
  • 6 Months cost $53.52
  • 12 Months cost $61.92

Payment can be made using a Credit Card.

Credit Purchasing Coin-Plan

Non-recurring, no action required.

  • 10 coins cost $18.03
  • 25 coins cost $42.16
  • 50 coins cost $78.24
  • 100 coins cost $144.41
  • 200 coins cost $240.69

Payment can be made using a Credit Card.

How to Register

To register on Bookofsext, follow these steps to complete the medium-length registration form with 11 required fields:

  • Visit the Website
  • Locate the Registration Page
  • Fill in Your Personal Information
  • Provide Contact Information
  • Additional Details
  • Agree to Terms and Conditions
  • Verification
  • Submit Registration
  • Email Confirmation
  • Log In
  • Profile Setup (Optional)

BookofSex App and Mobile

The website features a completely responsive design, ensuring accessibility on computers, laptops, and smartphones. Nonetheless, there is currently no mobile app available.

Privacy and Safety

The website enforces a policy where only registered members can access profiles, enhancing basic privacy. However, since there’s no image masking feature on Bookofsext, anyone can view your pictures.

Typically, users can upload multiple photos to their profiles, but these images are visible to all members. Unlike some dating platforms that provide a panic button for swift redirection to other sites, this feature is absent on Bookofsext.

To ensure security, all data transmitted on bookofsext.com is protected by an SSL connection, rendering message interception technically impossible for any unauthorized individuals.

Terms of Service

In its Terms of Service (TOS), Bookofsext acknowledges the employment of moderators to stimulate conversations and promote premium memberships.

However, many users perceive this practice as misleading because there is no genuine opportunity to establish romantic connections with these individuals. Prior to accessing your account on Bookofsext, it is mandatory to verify your email address.

Easy Account Deactivation

This dating site permits members to cancel their paid subscriptions while keeping their online profiles active. To remove your profile, you have two choices: deactivating it hides it from view but allows reactivation at any time.

Alternatively, closing your account deletes the profile entirely, necessitating a new one if you return. On Bookofsext, deactivation isn’t an option, but you can close your account at no cost.

Additionally, you have the option to unsubscribe from email lists or distributions at any time.

BookofSex Review in Conclusion

After using the Book of Sex Network, I can say with confidence that it’s 100% trustworthy and works well.

You can join for free with no commitment.

The customer support is top notch and it has a rating higher than 95% of the sites out there.

BookofSex.com. With more than 30 million members globally, it is one of the most popular sites in the world. Its objective is to assist people in finding their ideal sex partner.

They want to create a community online where potential users can easily meet others. More crucially, users can chat with their ideal sex dating companion using IMs and webcams. You can achieve your objective of finding a hot and pleasurable sex partner with the website.

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