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BBWCheaters.com Review: Love Stars, Auto Messages, And BBW Girls You Will Never Bang

Conclusion up front to save you time: BBWCheaters.com is a scam. It’s not going to help you meet people or have sex. Instead, it will only help you spend money and not hook up.

The owners of BBWCheaters.com sure know how to make their site inviting with a looping video of a soft and sweet BBW with perfect tits licking her nipples on the main page. I had to find out if I could find one of these stunningly large ladies for myself. After using the site for a month, I realized that their goal is not to find you a BBW to hook up with at all. All they want is your money.

They say they’re free, but they’re not. The site uses fabricated profiles and computer automated messages are sent to you to encourage you to use the site. They also reserve the right to take all your information and reuse it any way they see fit. It’s all the same trappings I have seen far too many times. Read my full review below and I will let you know how I determined that this is not a legit dating site.

bbwcheaters review

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BBWCheaters Website Review And Full Investigation

The first thing I do when checking out a dating or hookup site is to look at their terms. You don’t have to read the whole thing. The information is the same for most sites, but the good stuff is usually about three-quarters of the way down the page. This is where they outline the details of their service. This is also where many sites like BBWCheaters will let you know how they plan to cheat you. What I found in this section was the mention of Love Stars.

This is just one of many hookup websites that use this term. This is the name that they give to the fictitious profiles, models, and bots that are there to fool you into using their service. They say that the Love Stars are there to stimulate dialogue and participation on the site, but I know better. You should know better as well. Any time that you see this term being used, leave the site immediately. Any site that admittedly uses fake profiles and bots cannot be trusted.

My Personal Experience

There were far too many warning signs that this was not a legit site, but I decided to get a full month anyway. I wanted to give the site plenty of time to prove me wrong. Besides, a month is over $10 cheaper when you don’t get the trial membership. I received a lot of messages from a lot of hot women initially, but I was not allowed to respond to their messages until I paid for a membership.

When I did pay, none of the women who wrote me were anywhere to be found. They just ignored me. This is when I noticed that they were Love Stars profiles. I proceeded to send at least two dozen messages a week to different ladies. I even wrote to ladies I didn’t think were that attractive just to see if I would get a response. None of the replies I received seemed genuine at all. Many of them were the same messages I have received from other bogus sites almost word for word.

Site Features

Upload both photos and videos to your profile. Receive notifications when someone has viewed your profile or sent you a message. The ScoreBoard feature is a section that shows you which are the most popular profiles on the site. There are also XXX videos and live cams. The live cam girls are clearly paid models and they are not even live. It is easy to tell that they are all pre-recorded. There are also a few XXX videos that are not worth the membership price if that is all you get.

The Cost

BBWCheaters.com offers a 3-day trial membership for $2.97 which is not worth it because your membership will be renewed at the more expensive $39.95 after the 3-day trial is up. The monthly membership price is usually $29.95. You should be very careful if you sign up for a VIP Membership. This is how they have ripped off many people for a lot of money. When you sign up for VIP, you are also agreeing to purchase a 2 day trial for one porn site and a 3 week trial for another. These sites will renew automatically at their full price and will cost you a total monthly charge of over $110.

Conclusion: BBWCheaters.com Uses Love Stars Which Are Fabricated Profiles (Stay Away)

There is simply no reason to attempt to use BBWCheaters.com as a legit dating site because it is not. Based on my personal investigation, it’s one of the worst dating apps and sites that I’ve used to try and meet big beautiful women. They use Love Stars which is a staple of bogus dating sites and they try to fool you into paying for two other porn sites when you try to sign up for a VIP membership. This site was clearly created to take your money and nothing more. I never talked to any real women and you are not likely to either.

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