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Ashley Madison Reviews Reveal The Truth About This Cheat Dating Site

One of the most popular niche dating sites out there is Ashley Madison. It is a notorious website that has often been controversial because it openly provides a place for husbands and wives to cheat on their significant other. I’m not yet married but I like having sex with married women. I figured I could join so I could find some horny wives to date. I was ultimately disappointed in the outcome. It’s honestly one of the worst affair dating sites I’ve ever used and the Avid Life Media company that is behind this scam is a joke as well. Read the review below and see why I am slamming this site for being deceitful and downright shitty to their members.

AshleyMadison Sucks

ashley madison review


Here’s A Summary Of How Bad Ashley Madison Sucks

I don’t usually go in with any expectations when I try a dating site because a big percentage of dating and hookup sites I have tried, especially the niche sites, end up being scams. At first, AshelyMadison.com seemed different. I was excited to try it out. They had a reputation and I had heard their advertisements on the radio. I got to the site and they claim to have over 45 million members. It seemed great at first, but then I started thinking that the number must be exaggerated. There couldn’t be such a high number of people cheating on their spouses and using a website to do it. I tried it anyway and what I determined is that the site did have a lot of people but a lot of them were desperate men and most of the female profiles were fake.

This site has been in enough trouble since its inception, so they make sure to admit to you that they are scamming you in their terms of service. This is where they tell you that some of the people that contact you on the site may not be real and they are there for entertainment purposes only. The owners of AshleyMadison.com certainly have a knack for marketing because they have convinced thousands of men that they are a legit site where men and women can discreetly cheat on their spouses. I don’t doubt that a woman has no problem at all finding a hookup at Ashley Madison, but for men, it’s a different story.

The other thing that I didn’t like about the site was the lack of security and all the data breaches that they had. There are celebrities that joined this site and when it was hacked, all their personal information was leaked. A hack like this doesn’t take much to prevent and Ashley Madison simply couldn’t prevent it from occurring. For that reason alone they fucking suck big time!

Also, there are some people that I met that work at the corporate level for Ashley Madison and Avid Life Media. Let’s just say they weren’t a pleasure and I didn’t enjoy dealing with Rick Okada and Evan Back. If you click on this link to Evan’s profile you will clearly see that all their executives care about is, making alot of money. I’m here to get laid, but they don’t give a fuck!

Finally, I want to point out the number of negative reviews that are flying around about this site online. CNN has written negatively about the site. Sitejabber has reported 380 2-star reviews about the site and there are over 130 Pissed Consumer dating site complaints about AshleyMad as well. Keep reading my AshleyMadison review though because I reveal alternatives at the end that I recommend.

Messaging Is A Joke if You’re a Man

I’m sure that the small percentage of real women at AshleyMadison find it rather easy to start messaging a man on the site. There are apparently a lot of men like me who try it out because they are intrigued by the idea. The chances of one of these few women choosing you to message with is rather small. I’m sure at least 2 of the girls I was messaging were real, but I’m also pretty sure that they may have been employees of the parent company that owns the site.

site we recommend

Phone Conversation

I was sure when I signed up that I would at least get the telephone number of one cheating wife. I never got one and it’s not because I struck out. It’s because I only encountered unanswered messages and strange and scammy conversation when I did get responses. Ashley Madison has obviously invested a lot of money into ripping off unsuspecting men and it’s paying off for them big time.

The Ashley Madison Cost

You don’t pay a membership fee at AshleyMadison. The site is set up on a credits system. Any interaction with other members of the site costs you credits and these credits add up fast. The cheapest package is $49 for 100 credits equaling 49 cents a credit. You can get credits cheaper if you pay more up front. $149 gets you 500 equaling 30 cents a credit and $249 gets you 1,000 credits equaling 25 cents a credit and a supposed affair guarantee. I wasn’t about to pay 250 bucks to see if their affair guarantee was actually legit.

First Affair Date

You have slightly higher chances of meeting with a real cheating wife at AshleyMadison than you do winning the lottery. Compared to the millions of profiles on the site; there are only a thousand or so real women. If you like those odds then go for it. I played those odds and came up with nothing. In fact, I’d suggest you knocking on the door of your hot neighbor and asking the wife over there to fuck you. You’ve got better chances of getting lucky doing that than using AshleyMad!

 Conclusion: Ashley Madison Is A Hacker Paradise And A Huge Affair Dating Scam

Don’t let the lure of a good marketing campaign snag you into paying high prices for a gamble that hardly ever pays off. You shouldn’t join a site with the most famous name. You should go with a site that produces results and doesn’t try to scam you with fake profiles and automated messages. That’s exactly what Ashley Madison does. They clearly put more effort into scamming naïve men than they do to hook them up with cheating wives. All you have to do is check their terms of service before you sign in. They let you know in the fine print how they plan to scam you. You should always read this section before investing money on a site like this.

What affair dating sites work best if you want to get laid?

Sure thing! I can help in that department. So, what you may nto realize is that most of the best sex date sites all have thousands of married members that are looking for something discreet. The beauty of using those sites is that there is a much larger selection of individuals to choose from. All of the sites listed on the chart below cater to married men and women. They are discreet enough to connect you with someone that wants to fuck without blowing your cover. Give a couple a try and I’m sure you’ll be happy with the results.

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