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amoory review

Amoory Review: Cheap Doesn’t Help You Score, All Bots, No Booty

Okay, folks, as you know, I’m always searching for the best app to bang and it should come as no surprise that when I come across any dating service, I check it out. It’s not every single day that I come in with a fierce attitude but today that’s the case.

I somehow came across a site called Amoory.com which happened to be another international dating website that tries to give you a whole line and a half of how it’s the fastest growing network on the planet.

Before I go on a fierce rant about this site, you need to know that it’s also connected to this site called Flirchi.com. It’s literally a copied clone of the amoory.com layout, design, user interface and basically everything about the site. Hang on tight because I’m about to reveal why I don’t use this site ever and why you shouldn’t either.

amoory review

Amoory.com And Why I’m So Angry After Using The Dating Website

I’d like to start by summarizing everything that I learned about the site. Take a few seconds to digest some of the things pointed out in the bullets below.

  • Cost Is Low But For What
  • Auto Bot Messaging That Won’t Stop
  • Support Team and Staff Running User Profiles
  • Fake Chat Conversations
  • Redirects In Place

All of those bullets basically explain just how horrible this site is and why I can’t stand it. Don’t stop there though, let me give you more of a rundown of things in great detail. Mock my words, you’ll end up hating Amoory once you hear the rest of it.

Dirt Cheap But You Get What You Pay For

Okay, so the cost to join amoory.com is ridiculously cheap. It’s literally only $5.00 to join the site for a simple 7-day trial period. I guess that’s not all that expensive given that a latte or hamburger costs $7.00 to $8.00 today.

Another paid membership option is ponying up $22.00 for a 90-day membership. Here’s the most important thing you need to know. When something’s ultra cheap, then it’s likely not worth the time or money.

As far as what you get when you pay, well it’s not a whole lot, to be honest. The site features are lacking to the core but they aren’t horrible as some others. Just read my well hello review and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

As for features, you’ll get to search for people, send them some virtual gifts, email messaging, see who’s online now looking for love and a few more basic features. Pretty basic stuff and some things that even the free sites offer without batting an eyelash.

Messaging Bots

Most dating apps and sites that are fake implement some technology to entice users to “act” more. On Amoory, then, unfortunately, incorporate the use of bots and they do so all over the place.

To be more specific, if you set up a profile you will quickly realize how fast and frequent the messages come. It’s a tough reality to face but that’s the case. Most people are completely fooled by this and they carry on a long conversation with users that don’t even exist.

One thing leads to another and they’re upgrading their membership to chat with bots. I mean, come on now! Don’t be a sheep for goodness sakes!

How do I know that this is the case here? I tested it by not filling out my profile entirely and not adding a photo. When the messages came flooding in I knew it was total garbage.

Staff Paid To Run Profiles

Based on my research, it seems like this site contains profiles that are managed by the employees and staff of the site.

I’m guessing the support team simply acts as real users and tries to interact with members of the site. I can’t stand when sites do this and you’ll find that so many of them do if you look closely in the member terms and conditions.

Fake Chatting Is The Worst

If you saw the movie Hall Pass (2011) then you know what “fake chow” is. Well, this is fake chat, a system in place that makes you think that you’re actually chatting with someone.

Unfortunately, you’re not doing anything of that nature. In fact, you’re literally chatting with yourself and a computer. These fake IMs are all a ploy to get you to upgrade to a premium membership.

Homepage Redirects

I just recently went to the site and determined that the owners are redirecting Amoory.com to another website. On the many occasions that I tried it seemed to redirect to this site.

How would you feel if you joined a site and it essentially disappeared? You paid good money for something that you’ll now not be able to use.

I can’t tell you how pissed off this made me. As if the banners in the member’s area and ads all over the place weren’t enough. Now they’ve got some stupid redirects in place! Come one!

Reach Out To The Company

If you want to connect with the company that owns Amoory, then all you need to do is either call (380989075724) or email (support@amoory.com) and you can easily connect with them.

Conclusion: Amoory Is Horrible, End Of Story

Do not even think about wasting a single second of your time using the Amoory dating site. It’s by far one of the worst dating sites that I’ve ever used and my guess is that you’ll feel the same way should you decide to give it a try. Save your money.

What Works Better?

Just about everything works better than Amoory.com and I can’t blame you for now being skeptical about every site you come across. The good news is that some sites out there are 100% trust worthy and they don’t rip you off. I’ve provided a list of them for you right below.

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