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321sex review


Today I’m sharing my personal thoughts in this 321Sex review. The full domain is 321Sex.at and I know it looks strange but this is just another extension that companies publish sites on. The website is a German-based site that can be translated into English. It’s marketed as a sex chat website. The site was created in 2018 and it’s been around ever since. Now, what’s important to know is that this doesn’t mean it’s a great site just because it’s lasted this long. Find out everything about the website in my official review.

TL; DR Summary: If you’re looking to hook up and/or have a sex chat with someone for free, then there are plenty of freemium options that will offer a way better experience. If you don’t think so, then just check this out and you’ll understand what I’m referring to here.

321sex review

321Sex Review -What I Know About 321Sex.At

First, it’s important to know that this is a sex dating site and nothing else. If you’re browsing the site from a work computer, you will be happy to know that there are no naked people on the homepage. Making it safe for work to a certain extent. This site uses a template CMS that’s quite common for many websites. That doesn’t mean they all have the same members though. It’s just a result of using the same CMS. Okay, enough about that, here’s a list of the things that I’m covering in my review:

  • Features
  • Costs
  • Mobile Experience
  • Signup
  • Fraud Protection
  • Terms
  • Closing Your Account

321 Sex Features

There are not a ton of great features here but definitely some worth mentioning. Sorry to burst your bubble but that’s how it goes. They have some basic search functions that are useful such as searching via gender, age, online status, and photo on a profile.

These are the most important of course. They do have some advanced searching that considers location. They have private chatting along with group chatting and the ability to show your status as being online or offline. You’ll also get that typing feature that helps detect if someone is trying to chat with you.


Decent Chat Technology


Mobile App Doesn’t Exist
No Profile Verification
No Reporting Fake Profiles
No Discreet Billing
Publicly Visible Profiles

How Much Does 321Sex.at Cost?

This site is 100% free to use. It costs absolutely nothing to join, which means anyone can join for nothing. This is both good and bad. You have to think about how they make money.

If the members are not spending money on memberships, then they must be pushing a lot of ads in the MA. Anyway, it’s free to join and I’ve never had a bunch of success using free sites.

Bad Mobile UX

There is no mobile app for 321Sex.at, which means there isn’t any way to truly enjoy a responsive experience using this platform. That’s just the way it is, unfortunately. It’s kinda janky if you ask me. I’ll leave it at that.

Signup Process

The signup process is relatively simple but not short. They require 20+ form fields to be completed. If you’re not completing them, then you’re not joining. Simple as that. This is probably to weed out the tire kickers since it’s completely free to use.

Fraud Protection & Visibility

So, as I mentioned, this site is completely free to join and for that reason, they’ve made profiles public. The costs of keeping all profiles private are probably too much for them.

So if you join, your profile will be visible for all to see. Keep that in mind when you’re registering. They do have a feature that allows you to protect your photos which do help with privacy but it’s not great.

As far as fraud, there isn’t anything super tight in place. Sure, they have the email verification and some moderation to cut down on the cartoon images and non-human images, but that’s about it.

Terms of Service

The 321Sex terms and conditions are pretty basic. You’ll need to set some time aside to dive into these terms before joining. I should also mention that this site has terms in German.

So if you’re not fluent, then you might not understand the full TOS. They have some weird term that state they can sue you for $1,900 Euros if you break the rules. I’m not down with accepting this term.

Contacting The Company

Blackmagixx Ltd
4 Priory Road
CV8 1LL Kenilworth
United Kingdom


How To Cancel Your 321Sex.at Account

Canceling your account is easy since there are no paid or premium options here. All you have to do is deactivate your account. Alternatively, you can close your account and remove it from the website for good. This can all be done in the MA with a click of a button. Once done, I suggest emailing the company to confirm you’ve been removed.

Conclusion: 321Sex Is Free. Premium Sites Are Better.

If you’re in Germany, then it might be worth checking this out, but other than that I would suggest avoiding this site. It’s free and many non-premium sites just don’t deliver in terms of service.

People who really want to have sex and want to do it privately will connect with others locally by paying for the product. They know people mean business versus free tire kickers. Try an app from my recommended list of networks before using this one.

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